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California-based Urban Punjabi Artist D Cali Releases His Romantic Freestyle Single ‘Teriyan Gallan’

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The world of Urban Punjabi Hip-Hop just got a new groovy entrant with the release of Teriyan Gallan, the latest romantic freestyle single from D Cali. The artist is a California-based Punjabi sensation known for his unique brand and soulful urban vocals. D Cali’s Teriyan Gallan marks a captivating blend of Urban Punjabi and Pop, freestyle romantic vocals with urban beats. Sung entirely in Punjabi, the single explores love and longing, evoking a smooth yet urban atmosphere. The song offers a fresh perspective on love while staying true to the upcoming artiste’s distinctive brand of Urban Punjabi Hip-Hop.

At just 26 years old, D Cali embodies a unique fusion of Indian roots and Californian influence. Born in Delhi, and moving to California at 13, his journey to success wasn’t straightforward. Starting with a deep interest in music at a young age, D Cali seized his first opportunity to record a song at 17. Although the initial recording didn’t meet his preferred standards, it ignited a passion that pushed him to enroll at the Los Angeles Film School to refine his craft. The road wasn’t easy, as he faced challenges ranging from understanding the music business to finding the right songs that match his vocal style. But through relentless effort, he has emerged as a promising artiste in the Urban Punjabi genre.

D Cali has been gaining recognition for his exciting collaborations and catchy songs. His well-received previous single Chorni, featuring rapper Ikka, has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube. Another of his popular songs, Barbie Doll, featuring model and Bollywood star Sunny Leone, has surpassed 14 million views on the platform, solidifying his reputation as a hit spinner. In addition to Ikka and Sunny Leone, D Cali has also collaborated with top artists like rapper Pardhan and Fateh. Currently working on his debut solo album, D Cali is gearing up to reveal his musical plan single by single soon, promising a fresh collection of tunes that will further cement his place in the Urban Punjabi music landscape. As for now, Teriyan Gallan offers a romantic escape into the world of freestyle urban Punjabi music. Open in app

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