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Diddy Reps Claim He Stands By Cassie Apology Despite Deleting It

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Diddy made a confusing decision on June 21. The Bad Boy mogul decided to delete all of his posts on Instagram. The speculation as to why was overshadowed, though, by the fact that his apology video to Cassie was one of the posts deleted. Fans quickly honed in on this decision, and questioned whether it meant Diddy takes back the statements he made in the video. It didn’t take long for Diddy’s reps to get on the horn with TMZ and attempt straighten things out.

Diddy’s reps told TMZ that he stands by the apology. The outlet was told that the mogul was not taking a shot at Cassie by removing the video. The rep cited the deletion of all Diddy’s Instagram posts as proof. They then went on to tell TMZ that the apology video already served its purpose. “Diddy’s apology was seen around the world,” the outlet wrote. “and “[It] got published/broadcast everywhere — so everyone’s seen it, and it exists forever. In terms of how feels. We’re told Diddy meant what he said in that clip, and that stands even today.” In short, Diddy reportedly meant what he said, and still does.

Diddy Deleted His Entire Instagram Feed

The clarification did not stop there. The mogul’s reps claimed that the decision to wipe the IG account is not a strategic one. TMZ was told the decision was made spontaneously, and doesn’t have a significance beyond Diddy wanting a clean feed. It’s admittedly hard to take the mogul at his word, given the various crimes and incidents he’s denied. He was adamant that was innocent when Cassie filed a lawsuit against him for abuse. Then, the video of Diddy assaulting Cassie in a hotel lobby surfaced on CNN.

The mogul’s apology was criticized even before its deletion. A member of the form representing Cassie, Hillary Povar, dismissed it outright to Fox 11. “It wasn’t about her,” she claimed. “It wasn’t about what he did wrong, and I think that’s where we see a lot of things go wildly off course from a PR perspective.” Povar also emphasized the importance of legal action over internet “cancelation.” “It’s just ineffective in terms of really dealing with what the actual issue is.”

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