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Drake and Kendrick Lamar ready to unleash ‘nuclear’ diss tracks, Joe Budden revealed

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In a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the hip-hop community was electrified by a revelation that could reshape the rap landscape. Joe Budden, the outspoken commentator and former rapper, dropped a bombshell: Drake and Kendrick Lamar are locked and loaded with “nuclear” diss tracks aimed squarely at each other.

Budden, who claims to have impeccable sources, spilled the beans during his podcast. According to him, both rap heavyweights have retreated to the studio, emerging with lyrical artillery that packs a serious punch. These tracks, he emphasized, are no ordinary disses—they’re nuclear. The stakes have been raised, and it’s no longer business as usual in the world of hip-hop.

“What I’m hearing from both sides—it’s nuclear. And I’m hearing this from people who can rap. — Joe Budden”

The tension between Drake and Lamar has been simmering for a while. It all started with Lamar’s blistering response on Metro Boomin and Future’s track “Like That,” where he took shots at both Drake and J. Cole. Cole, not one to back down, fired back with “7 Minute Drill,” only to retract it during a performance at Dreamville Fest. The rap world held its breath, waiting for the next move.

Joe Budden’s commentary has been polarizing. He champions confrontation, urging artists to face off rather than retreat. His disapproval of Cole’s decision to apologize adds fuel to the fire. Budden’s insistence on the need for lyrical warfare has sparked heated debates among fans.

The showdown between Drake and Kendrick Lamar promises to be an epic clash of lyrical titans. Let’s break it down:


Strengths: Drake is a master of versatility. His ability to seamlessly switch between melodic hooks and hard-hitting bars has made him a global superstar. His commercial success and chart-topping hits speak volumes.

Weaknesses: Some critics argue that Drake’s vulnerability and emotional openness can be a double-edged sword. While it resonates with fans, it also leaves him exposed to sharp lyrical attacks.

Kendrick Lamar

Strengths: Kendrick is revered for his intricate wordplay, storytelling, and thought-provoking content. Weaknesses: Kendrick’s deliberate pace and infrequent releases may work against him in a rapid-fire battle. Additionally, his conscious approach might not resonate with mainstream audiences as universally as Drake’s music does.

The Battle: Both artists have engaged in lyrical sparring before, albeit indirectly. Remember Kendrick’s verse on “Control” and Drake’s response on “6PM in New York.”The stakes are high. If either artist slips up, it could impact their legacy.The winner will likely be determined by the quality of their diss tracks, timing, and impact on the culture.

Rap battles have been a cornerstone of hip-hop culture, showcasing lyrical prowess, wit, and competitive spirit. Let’s dive into some iconic rap battles from different eras:

Eminem vs. Juice (1997): A young Eminem (then known as M&M) faced off against Juice, a seasoned battle rapper. Their clash at the 1997 Rap Olympics is legendary. Eminem’s rapid-fire delivery and intricate wordplay left a lasting impression.

Roxanne Shanté vs. UTFO (1984): Roxanne Shanté ignited the “Roxanne Wars” by responding to UTFO’s track “Roxanne, Roxanne.” She released “Roxanne’s Revenge,” a scathing diss that showcased her lyrical prowess and set the stage for female MCs in battle rap.

KRS-One vs. MC Shan (1986): The “Bridge Wars” between KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions) and MC Shan (Juice Crew) defined the New York rap scene. KRS-One’s “The Bridge Is Over” dismantled MC Shan’s claim of Queensbridge supremacy.

Canibus vs. LL Cool J (1998): Canibus challenged the rap legend LL Cool J with his track “Second Round K.O.” LL Cool J responded with “The Ripper Strikes Back,” and the battle intensified. The lines “99% of your fans wear high heels” became iconic.

Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe (2012): In a classic battle on the URL stage, Loaded Lux delivered a third-round masterpiece against Calicoe. His “You gon’ get this work!” line became a viral sensation and solidified his status as a battle rap legend.

Murda Mook vs. Jae Millz (2003): The “Fight Klub” battle between Murda Mook and Jae Millz is considered one of the best. Mook’s intricate bars and storytelling captivated the audience, earning him the win.

Hollow Da Don vs. Loaded Lux (2014): Hollow and Lux engaged in a lyrical chess match at “Total Slaughter.” Their battle showcased intricate wordplay, metaphors, and intense crowd reactions. Lux’s “You gon’ get this work” callback added to the drama.

Dizaster vs. Iron Solomon (2012): Dizaster and Iron Solomon clashed in a high-stakes battle. Dizaster’s freestyle ability and aggressive delivery met Solomon’s intricate writing. Their back-and-forth remains a classic.

Remember, rap battles are more than just words—they’re cultural moments that shape the genre and leave a lasting impact. 

As Budden’s podcast continues to fuel speculation, fans eagerly await the release of these rumored diss tracks. Will Drake and Lamar deliver the lyrical blows they’ve promised? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the hip-hop world is on high alert, bracing for the impact of this epic showdown.

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