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Drake Under Scrutiny For His Use Of LLCs To Preserve His Wealth

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Drake is one of the biggest superstars in all of music and unsurprisingly that’s resulted in him accumulating an absolutely massive fortune. According to HotNewHipHop‘s most recent estimate he’s likely valued at somewhere around $250 million. That’s among the highest, though not the absolute highest for rappers. It’s no surprise then that dealing with all that money can be complicated and a recent report looked into some of the ways the “Rich Baby Daddy” is going so. A CBC News clip dug into some of the details related to where exactly his financial priorities rest.

In the clip they reveal the surprising amount of business ventures Drake has embarked on over the years and how many are still active. They investigate into the viral claim that he’s involved in more than 20 businesses and what they find is pretty surprising. CBC reportedly uncovered more than 50 different businesses in which the rapper’s assets exist. They conclude that portion of the story by speaking to a financial expert about their findings. The expert reveals that what he’s doing is actually pretty common among those who have amassed quite a bit of money and a pretty good way to protect their assets from potential creditors. Check out the full piece they did on Drizzy’s fortune below.

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Drake Has Assets In More Than 50 Companies

Drake is still picking up the pieces from his all-in beef with Kendrick Lamar earlier this year. The two exchanged a series of rapid fire diss tracks that elevated to the level of some pretty serious allegations. Drake has continued recording music in the wake of the beef. He dropped a new track with Sexyy Red over the weekend. He also reportedly has a song on the upcoming new Camila Cabello album.

What do you think of CBC News’ discovery that Drake is using 52 LLCs to protect his wealth? Do you think what he’s doing is any different from what many others with his level of wealth do? Let us know in the comment section below.

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