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Fivio Foreign Explains What He Did With His 1.7 Million Signing Bonus

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Stories of rappers falling to financial irresponsibility are pretty common in hip-hop. Many rappers have regrettable stories spawning from the financial choices they made earlier in their career. Thankfully, many have taken the opportunity to try and pass some of that financial wisdom along to their peers to prevent them from making the same mistakes. During a recent interview, Fivio Foreign opened up on what he did with his early signing bonus and what he wished he’d known at the time.

The first thing he reveals he purchased is a nearly $100k bulletproof truck. He describes that as the “smartest” decision he made with his money. He also explains that he spent tens of thousands of dollars on chains. But the biggest mistake in his eyes is that he put his money into renting a house instead of buying one. He explains that he didn’t really process the difference he just wanted to move somewhere quickly. Check out the full videos of him explaining his financial decisions after cutting his deal below.

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Fivio Foreign On What He Did After Signing His Rap Deal

In the comments, fans are pretty skeptical of Fivio’s choices. In particular, they take issue with him calling his bulletproof truck purchase the smartest move he made. “The smartest thing he did from 350,000$ was purchase a 100,00$ bullet Proof truck…. Unbelievable” one of the top comments on the post reads. “That was the “smartest thing”?” another comment agrees.

Other comments just pulled up with jokes. “I have so many thoughts ,but it’s black history month and I’m not gonna bash my bros lol” and “I ain’t heard nun about paying taxes” two of the top comments on the post read. Fivio Foerign is gearing up to release his new album this weekend. Despite sharing a release date with volume 1 of Kanye West’s new album Vultures and Usher’s highly-anticipated new project, Fivio isn’t moving the release date. What do you think of Fivio Foreign’s explanation of how he spent the money from signing his rap deal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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