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French Montana, Quavo, Druski, And More New Hip-Hop Releases To Soundtrack Your Daily Shenanigans

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Today is Friday, which means there are a ton of new releases to look forward to from some of your favorite Hip-Hop artists. To help you unwind and enjoy the weekend, check out VIBE’s picks of songs and albums you should hear and add to your soundtrack of weekend festivities.

French MontanaMac & Cheese 5

French Montana French Montana

French Montana

French Montana’s knack for hitmaking is beyond reproach. Yet, the Moroccan-born New York rep—who’s sold over 100 million records worldwide throughout his career—is often viewed as more of a supporting act than marquee attraction by some, a train of thought Montana challenges on his new album Mac & Cheese 5.

His first full-length offering since 2021’s They Got Amnesia, Mac & Cheese 5 draws listeners in from the gate. French gets personal on “Dirty Bronx Intro,” which gives glimpses into his uptown origin story.

“Man, I had to do it/ My moms welfare, my pops blew it/ Tried to swallow my pride, but couldn’t do it,” he raps, before later lamenting the loss of friends Chinx Drugz and Max B to the grave and cage, respectively. Mac & Cheese 5 boasts a loaded slate of high profile features with Kanye West, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Saint JHN, Buju Banton and more appearing on the project’s 21 tracks.

Yet, while the additional contributors are welcome, Mac & Cheese 5 shines brightest when Max relies on his own devices on highlights “Talk To Me,” “Casino Life 3,” “Where We Come From” and “Made It In USA.” – Preezy Brown

Quavo – “Himothy”

Quavo “Himothy" Cover ArtQuavo “Himothy" Cover Art

Quavo “Himothy” Cover Art

Quavo’s “Himothy” is a refreshing listen. His last album, Rocket Power, had similar records, but it’s somber mood paid homage to Takeoff. Here, he raps with confidence and energy. The hook captures his knack for catchiness and repetition as he exclaims “Everybody know that I’m him!”

Production-wise, it doesn’t veer too far from his usual drum-heavy beats, but the inclusion of bold organ keys adds layers to the track. This doesn’t have hit potential, but it is a nice appetizer if he has more on the way. The constant feeling that rears its head here is how he isn’t musically interesting without his Migos counterparts, but “it”Himothy” is a solid offering overall. – Armon Sadler

Druski Feat. Snoop Dogg – “Standin’ On Bihness”

Druski "Standin' on Bihness' Cover ArtDruski "Standin' on Bihness' Cover Art

Druski “Standin’ on Bihness’ Cover Art

Druski took his hilarious viral moment and turned it into an actual record. “Standin On Bihness” is laced with a fire BNYX beat, Snoop Dogg verse, and DJ Drama shoutout while the comedian handles the hook. It’s hilarious to actually assess this record, but Snoop delivers good enough bars to make it worth taking seriously.

There isn’t much to say other than the fact that Druski and Coulda Been Records have an interesting trajectory that’s been kickedoff with this signature record and a Snoop co-sign. It’ll be interesting to see what comes next, but one thing’s certain: they’re standing on this movement. – AS

EARTHGANG – Robophobia

Earthgang 'Robophobia' Album CoverEarthgang 'Robophobia' Album Cover

Earthgang ‘Robophobia’ Album Cover

Earthgang and Spillage Village continued their brand of alternative rap with the new EP Robophobia. The five tracks highlight their ability to blend Hip-Hop with soul, jazz, rock, and several other genres. Standout records include the immersive “Osmosis” and gospel-fused “Perfect Fantasy” featuring Snoop Dogg.

It’s a welcome listen at a time when Hip-Hop records often feel like they’re competing with one another to sound the same: Earthgang and Spillage Village have always dared to do what’s different. This may not be what you’ll play in the clubs or the car, but it’s a nice getaway from the usual sounds of today’s popular music. – AS

“Lil Durk – Old Days”

Lil Durk “Old Days” cover artLil Durk “Old Days” cover art

Lil Durk “Old Days” cover art

Lil Durk’s “Old Days” is a fairly meta title. The record doesn’t veer from anything he has provided in the past. He tells his come-up story again, reflects on his losses and gains again, and croons over a downtempo beat with drums again. What was exciting from 2020-2021, the biggest years of his career, now feels a bit stale.

It isn’t a bad song, but you can only eat the same good thing over and over before you get tired of it. It probably works for his core fans who enjoy this sound, but as someone who thinks Durk still has the potential to hit another level, it’s a bit underwhelming. – AS

Hunxho & Summer Walker – “Your Friends”

Hunxho & Summer Walker “Your Friends” cover art
Hunxho & Summer Walker “Your Friends” cover art

Hunxho & Summer Walker “Your Friends” cover art

Hunxho’s “Your Friends” was already a strong record, but Summer Walker has added a women’s perspective to the single. He spends the track melodically rapping to his partner about ignoring what her friends say, reminding her of everything he does for her, and questioning why she hangs around people who don’t have a significant other.

Summer provides nice background vocals and riffs while the Atlanta rapper goes off in the verse and chorus. In her verse, she takes a similar perspective and says they should focus on each other rather than her friends, because there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a realistic, relatable, enjoyable back-and-forth between two lovers. – AS

OT The Real – Prepare For War

OT The Real 'Prepare for War' Album CoverOT The Real 'Prepare for War' Album Cover

OT The Real ‘Prepare for War’ Album Cover

OT The Real makes his return with Prepare For The War, a project that finds the Philly rhyme animal hosting various collaborators on an array of hard hitting instrumentals. On “HELLSTAR,” OT pairs up with Qt7 Quanny. Sauce Walka gets “Active” with couplets revolving around “cocaine cultivation” and the daily operatives of a womanizer.

The first half of Prepare For The War has its sparks, but it’s the latter portion of the tape that’s explosive. The Lik Moss-assisted “Secrets” finds him reveling in his former illicit occupation, rhyming “Homie got bills to pay, did it off pills and yay/ Bag it up without the gloves, soon, I ain’t gon feel a thang,” while “We Up” contains moments and contemplation and reflection alongside Keen Streetz.

While not as impressive as his previous release Zombie, Prepare For The War is a solid collection that sticks to the script, with winning results. – PB

LaRussell & Hit-Boy – Rent Due

LaRussel & Hit-Boy 'Rent Due'LaRussel & Hit-Boy 'Rent Due'

LaRussel & Hit-Boy ‘Rent Due’

Two of The Golden State’s finest link up for musical shenanigans, as LaRussell and Hit-Boy present their collaborative project Rent Due. Comprised of seven selections, the EP kicks off with “Lead Me To The Water,” which begins with a poetic opening by Tietta before LaRussell harkens back to his own humble beginnings in the Bay Area.

“My mama raised me as a G, my daddy turned me to a dog/ Section 8 four-bedroom running up and down the halls,” he rhymes atop a plush backdrop constructed by Hit-Boy. The producer’s father, bourgeoning rapper Big Hit, joins in on the festivities on “Another One.” LaRussell brags, “To take Hit-Boy, you take Mali, you take me and you got gold” while shouting out MALACHI, who appears on “Ethics” and the Jane Handcock-assisted “Real Life.”

Released in partnership with EVEN, a direct-to-consumer platform where artists can sell music to their fans, Rent Due simultaneously services LaRussell and Hit-Boy’s fans with new tunes. The albums proceeds will also help empower creatives in the form of a $15K donation to various creatives and small business owners. – PB

Uncle MurdaThe Lenny Grant Story

Uncle Murda gets biographical on The Lenny Grant Story, the Brooklynite’s latest longplayer, which finds him mixing testimonials detailing his exploits on the concrete. Abundant in joint efforts with some of the most highly regarded veterans hailing from the Eastern seaboard and touted new-jacks, Lenny Grant’s tale is served up a grim opening with “If I Die”—a fatalistic salvo where Murda deems himself a “soldier.” The track sees him declaring “If I die, don’t cry for me/ Just ride for me/ Make all them ni**as die for me” atop a terse instrumental.

Features from Conway The Machine (“The Projects”), Symba and Q Bandz (“They Said”), “Jadakiss (“Money”), and Styles P and 50 Cent (“Spin The Block”) help bolster the proceedings, but some of the more powerful selections on The Lenny Grant Story arrive when Uncle Murda takes the reigns by his lonesome. “I’m Ok With That,” “Ten Toes Down,” “Grimey,” “I Changed,” and “2 Hurt 2 Cry” are all packed with fiery emotion and unbridled honesty. They serve as the core components that make The Lenny Grant Story one reason to get further acquainted with Uncle Murda, beyond the annual recaps. – PB

Steven Malcolm – B.O.A.T.S.

Steven Malcolm 'B.O.A.T.S.' Album CoverSteven Malcolm 'B.O.A.T.S.' Album Cover

Steven Malcolm ‘B.O.A.T.S.’ Album Cover

As Steven Malcolm’s career continues to float along, it clear he’s worked towards perfecting his personal niche and message; His fourth studio album B.O.A.T.S. is steeped in the spirituality and truth his audience adores him for.

Consisting of 16 tracks, the project begins with “Truth Story,” where he unveils his “diary of an introvert” over a sprawling soundscape. It’s succeeded by the 808-driven bops “Mr. Away” and “Bounce,” which capture Malcolm comfortably settling into his groove.

B.O.A.T.S. hits its peak moments after the halfway mark. Tracks like “Story Of A Rider,” “Never Let Me Go,” “Nothing Into Something,” “Paper Plane,” and “Not Alone” include some of the more jarringly transparent compositions he’s penned to date.

Absent of guest contributors, B.O.A.T.S. places the spotlight squarely on Steven Malcolm, who rises to the occasion with a string of performances that garners our commendation as an addition to your playlist. – PB

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