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Gigi Lamayne Reflects On Her Reckless Spending In Early Music Career

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Gigi Lamayne Reflects On Her Reckless Spending In Early Music Career. The influence of Hip Hop culture extends far beyond just crafting raps and flows; it encompasses elements such as fashion, luxurious cars, and robust financial status, all of which play significant roles in shaping its impact.

Gigi Lamayne Reflects On Her Reckless Spending In Early Music Career

Many South African rappers have embraced the opulent lifestyle synonymous with Hip Hop culture, and Gigi Lamayne is no different, having indulged in her share of the financial rewards that come with the genre.

During an interview on the JUSTIFY Podcast, the 29-year-old rapper revealed that she used to spend her money recklessly, admitting to splurging on expensive alcohol bottles with friends, some of whom she has since lost contact with.

“I blew money, I dont play, like I’ve gone through my own phase like I blew money. I dont even know where half the people are that I spent some of this money on,” Gigi Lamayne said. The Ice Cream hitmaker further noted that indulging in extravagant spending as if there’s no tomorrow is a phase that every artist inevitably experiences.

“It’s an unfortunate thing but I think every artist needs to go through that. You need to go through a phase where you are just like either buying bottles or you’re buying useless things and you just hope that you find someone on time who’s going to educate you about that,” she remarked.

Gigi emphasized that while she has moved past her days of reckless spending, she remains committed to improving her financial management skills. She expressed the need for a structured approach within the music industry to educate artists about responsible spending habits.

“That’s something I’m currently working on, I do feel that we need a structure whether it’s with the SAMRO, CAPASSO, SAMPRA or whatever collection society where we literally take artists through artist development. What do your finances look like, what can you get into because I wish people had this conversation with me a long time ago, because I dont even know where half of those people are, who I spent stupid money on.

“But I think you know for what it’s worth with hip hop with all the nice things it added to the street cred, but when I look back, there was some social capital that came from it but no financial gain from it,” she added.

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