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Ice Cube’s BIG3 League Hit w/ Lawsuit From Former Lawyer Over Unpaid Wages

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Ice Cube’s BIG3 League Hit w/ Lawsuit From Former Lawyer Over Unpaid Wages

A former employee recently sued entertainment mogul Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league.

Reports state that the company’s ex-lawyer is taking legal action against the organization, claiming he’s been getting the run for months about thousands of dollars they allegedly owe him.

Court documents reportedly state that the suit was filed by attorney Lawrence C. Hinkle II. He alleges that he was recruited by Ice Cube in 2022 to provide legal services for the BIG3, and agreed to come on at the price of $700/hr plus a $10,000 advance. According to the complaint, Lawrence C. Hinkle II received an advance and was told that the principal balance of $21,690 for his July wages would be paid by August 5, though he claims the payment never came.

Ice Cube

Lawrence C. Hinkle II says he attempted to contact the administration about the matter from September 2022 to May 2024 to no avail, prompting him to take the issue to court. As far as Ice Cube’s knowledge of the situation, Hinkle claims he personally spoke with the Friday star/creator who assured him he’d look into it. However, Hinkle says the hip-hop veteran eventually stopped answering his follow-up emails and then ghosted him altogether.

Ice Cube

At some point, Hinkle says he was told the payment delay was due to “financial difficulties,” which he apparently didn’t believe. He cites recent moves by the BIG3 that appear to show their financial flexibility and argues they should have the money to pay him somewhere, especially since they allegedly sold a team for $10 million recently and offered WNBA star Caitlin Clark a $5 million contract.

Hinkle also slams the organization for claiming to support Black business but is essentially stealing from an African American lawyer. He’s suing for an undisclosed amount in unpaid wages as well as for reasonable compensation for his work. A report also notes that the BIG3’s co-founder accused Hinkle of malpractice and costing the business millions in damages. It does not appear that Ice Cube has spoken on the matter publicly.


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