Home News JJ Redick Apparently Not The Frontrunner For Lakers Head Coaching Job, Massive Offer For Uconn’s Dan Hurley Is Being Prepared

JJ Redick Apparently Not The Frontrunner For Lakers Head Coaching Job, Massive Offer For Uconn’s Dan Hurley Is Being Prepared

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According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers are planning to make a sizable, long-term contract offer to UConn men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley in order to lure the two-time NCAA national champion to the NBA. Hurley and the Lakers have had preliminary talks about the job. Sources told ESPN that the parties intend to intensify their talks in the days ahead. Hurley has led the Lakers’ search from the start, according to insiders. Even though the team has interviewed a number of other applicants as part of its due diligence. This goes against the widely reported idea that JJ Redick was in the pole position to become the franchise’s next head coach.

Rumor has it that governor Jeanie Buss, general manager, and vice president of basketball operations Rob Pelinka are eager to formally discuss their vision of combining Hurley’s dominant program, which is based on his tactical acumen and elite player development—with the legendary Lakers brand. The Athletic’s Shams Charania has been reporting for what seems like weeks that Redick was the clear frontrunner. Shams reported that it was only a matter of time before JJ Redick was named head coach. Woj has thrown a wrench into that line of thinking, and a massive deal is being drawn up for Hurley. 

Dan Hurley To Be Hired As Lakers Coach, JJ Out Of The Running

According to insiders, Dan Hurley has frequently talked about his goal of becoming an NBA coach. Additionally, he has told the Lakers that he would like to explore the possibility of working with one of the most successful teams in basketball. LeBron James is said to have been impressed with Hurley’s sophisticated offensive acumen. Hurley becomes an even more fascinating contender if James decides to return to Los Angeles in free agency. Bronny James could be selected as the 55th choice in this month’s NBA draft. This could make things more interesting to LeBron. Should that take place, Hurley and his team will take on the responsibility of overseeing Bronny’s professional development. Ultimately giving James the opportunity to play alongside his son.

All in all, the JJ Redick Lakers era seems to have never been as sure fire thing as it has been reported to be. JJ Redick was one of several candidates who interviewed and has been in talks with the Lakers. Shams has been reporting that he is the clear frontrunner. It seems like his sources were off the mark this time around, as it seems like the Lakers are drafting up a substantial deal to bring in Hurley. JJ did say he would break his silence on Shams reports after the finals so it will be interesting to see what he has to say. Overall, the deal might be don’t very soon.

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