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Jonathan Majors Faces New Allegations From Two Ex-Partners

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Two women, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper, have gone public with allegations of physical and emotional abuse against actor Jonathan Majors. Both women had their allegations referred to in a Rolling Stone exposé about Majors last year. However, the pair have since publicly reiterated their claims in an interview with The New York Times. Duncan claims that Majors “threw her across the room” and “threatened to make sure she couldn’t have children” during a fight in 2016. Meanwhile, Hooper called Majors “deeply controlling” and told her she was “not allowed to speak with anyone about the relationship”. While Majors has denied the accusations, his attorney noted that the actor was “deeply embarrassed by some of his jealous behavior”. Both women had previously declined to speak directly to Rolling Stone, with one citing a fear of retribution.

The testimony of Duncan and Hooper follows semi-public claims from another woman, who spoke to The Cut under a pseudonym. “Anna” told the publication that she had pulled her story from the Rolling Stone article after receiving a threatening letter warning her not to go public with her allegations. According to “Anna”, the phone number included with the letter was linked to the law firm retained by Majors for his criminal trial last year. Majors’ attorney denied any involvement from her or her firm in the letter.

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Jonathan Majors Sentencing Delayed

Meanwhile, a judge delayed the sentencing of Majors after the actor’s legal team filed to dismiss his guilty verdict. Majors’ team argued that the actor had not been given a fair trial. The argument is based on the premise that the prosecution had portrayed the actor’s assault on his ex-girlfriend as intentional. However, they then eventually asked the jury to consider his actions “reckless”. As a result, the presiding judge has continued Majors’ case until early April.

Majors was found guilty of misdemeanor reckless assault in the third degree and a violation of harassment. However, he was acquitted on additional charges of assault and aggravated harassment. Despite this, Majors has continued to feel the professional ramifications of his verdict. The most notable of these professional consequences is that Disney has officially decided to recast Kang the Conqueror, Majors’ pivotal MCU role.

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