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Kai Cenat calls out Drake for repeatedly mispronouncing his last name

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In the world of hip-hop, clashes and controversies are as common as catchy beats. Recently, Kai Cenat took to the spotlight, roasting none other than Drake for consistently mispronouncing his last name. The Twitch streamer didn’t hold back, and the internet is buzzing with reactions. Let’s dive into the details and explore this entertaining feud.

During an appearance on Sundae Conversation, an interview series hosted by Barstool Sports personality Caleb Pressley, Kai Cenat dropped the bombshell. When asked if anyone pronounces his last name incorrectly, he responded with a resounding “Hell yeah!” But the real shocker? It’s none other than Drake himself who’s been getting it wrong all along.

So, how does Drake say it? According to Kai, the Toronto rapper pronounces his last name as if it were spelled Cenot, rather than the correct pronunciation, which sounds like knat. Kai couldn’t believe it, exclaiming, It’s Kai Cenat. Drake says Kai Cenot. The internet erupted with laughter and disbelief. After all, how could someone as influential as Drake get a fellow artist’s name wrong?

“Drake does it all the time.Can you believe that sh*t?” Cenat said, adding, “It’s Kai Cenat. Drake says ‘Kai Cenot.”

Kai Cenat’s relationship with Drake has had its ups and downs. Earlier this month, things seemed rocky when a follower suggested that Kai call Drizzy after the streamer criticized his Kendrick diss track, The Heart Part 6. In a playful move, Kai decided to dial Drake’s number live on stream. The suspense was palpable: Would Drake answer?

But alas, the number turned green, indicating that he had blocked Kai. Or so it seemed. Later, Kai clarified that it was actually Drake’s old number, and the rapper had simply changed it. Crisis averted, but the mispronunciation saga continues.

“Oh, you just think I have got his number, huh?” Kai said. “Okay, let me call Drake and see if he answers, chat. Let me see if he answers. You think I’ve got his number, right?”

“Drake didn’t block me. That’s his old number. He just got a new number.”

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