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Kanye West’s $850K titanium dentures and ‘swollen’ appearance stir buzz

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Kanye West, the renowned rapper and fashion mogul, has recently been the talk of the town due to his new $850,000 titanium dentures and a seemingly ‘swollen’ face. From sporting T-shirts featuring the face of a Norwegian musician with neo-Nazi views to his recent display of $850,000 titanium dentures and a seemingly ‘swollen’ face, West continues to captivate public attention.

West’s new dentures, created by Dr. Thomas Connelly and cosmetic dentist Naoki Hayashi, are a significant departure from traditional grills or veneers. They are fixed and permanent, marking a new frontier in experimental dentistry. Despite rumors suggesting that West had his real teeth removed for the procedure, sources have confirmed that his natural teeth were not extracted.

Concerns have been raised about West’s appearance, with some fans noting that his face seemed ‘swollen’. However, it’s worth noting that West has a history of dramatic fashion statements and has been known to use his appearance to create buzz.

During a public appearance in LA alongside his wife and Chris Rock, West proudly showcased his new grills, made of titanium and touted as ‘fixed and permanent. However, the focus quickly shifted from the rapper’s extravagant dental accessory to the noticeable swelling in his face, prompting fans to express concern across social media platforms.

West’s bold fashion choices seem to be influencing his family as well. His oldest daughter, North West, recently showed off a new diamond grill on TikTok, following in her father’s footsteps.

The rapper’s new look has sparked a variety of reactions online. Some fans have expressed concern over his appearance, while others have trolled the rapper for his new dentures.

West, known for his lavish lifestyle, has a history of making bold and unconventional choices. This time, however, the concern extends beyond fashion into potential health implications. Fans are uneasy about the possibility that the rapper’s pursuit of an extravagant lifestyle may have come at the expense of his well-being.

Regardless of the public’s opinion, West continues to make headlines and stir conversation in the hip-hop and entertainment worlds.

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