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KAYTRANADA Produced Maeta Album ‘Endless Night’ is Out Now: Listen

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Maeta, the RnB heartthrob known best for her smooth as silk voice and seductive lyrics, is out with a full length project now, produced by the one and only KAYTRANADA. The duo is being hailed as MAETRANADA, a name borrowed from the aftermath of KAYTRANADA’s naming conventions in collaboration (KAYTRAMINE, anyone?) The two are finally out with Endless Night, and certainly calls for the need of an unending listening experience.

Maeta’s infectious energy is matched perfectly by KAYTRANADA’s eclectic production that lends itself beautifully to listeners of both RnB and hip hop. The album follows up the release of single, ‘DJ Got Me‘ with the vibrant mood it left us in, dancing and grooving to Maeta’s woes. The reverb drenched vocals fill up your stereo spread throughout the LP, making it a slow and intimate experience. The music is as introspective as it is commercially viable, and marks a landmark moment in Maeta’s career.

KAYTRANADA, too, came with fresh energy off the successful reception of his recently released album TIMELESSDebuting at #28 on the Billboard 200, having sold 21,000 units the first week, TIMELESS, spoke to the capabilities of KAYTRANADA in a refreshing manner — an impression that is only solidified further with the release of Endless Night. Will it do as well as the last project, though? Check out the project to decide for yourself below!

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