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KAYTRANADA Produces Groovy & Sexy Dance Jams For Maeta’s “Endless Night” EP

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The summer of 2023 was all about KAYTRAMINE. In 2024, the hottest months of the year beloing to Maetranada. That is the unofficial name of singer/producer duo Maeta and KAYTRANADA. The former is a Indianapolis, Indiana native and Roc Nation signee. KAYTRANADA is the world-renowned multi-genre instrumental genius who works with everyone. These two talents have a work history together, joining up for a couple of tracks over the last couple of years. However, Endless Night is the first time that Maeta is leaning on the Canadian for a full body of work. This is not an LP, rather a seven-track EP with zero features.

To be honest, that does not really bother us. When you have a beautiful voice like Maeta, and the colorful production of a KAYTRANADA, that is all you need really. The 24-year-old balladeer was very thrilled to drop Endless Night, according to her team. “I’m so excited for this project to be out. I just want everyone to have fun, dance and be free this summer!”. Well, they certainly will be as both are making it easy as ever to float away and loose themselves on the dancefloor. There is never a dull moment on this EP, even with the sultrier takes on dance. The presence of R&B is strong still and in a good way. Of course, fans just a got full listening experience from KAYTRANADA a couple of weeks ago with the highly-praised TIMELESS. But for Maeta, this project comes a year after her LP When I Hear Your Name, which featured Ty Dolla $ign, James Fauntleroy, Lucky Daye, and more.

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