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Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out on Ozempic Rumors After Weight Loss

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Reality television star Kelly Osbourne recently spoke out about her weight loss. Osbourne stunned people with her 85-pound weight loss… to which some accused her of using the popular new weight loss drug Ozempic. 

The drug, which was created to aid diabetics, has become widespread in Hollywood because of its dramatic weight loss effects. But Kelly insists that it is her mother Sharon who has used the drug, not her. 

“I know everybody thinks I took Ozempic. I did not take Ozempic. I don’t know where that came from. My mom took Ozempic,” the reality star told Extra.

Osbourne instead credits a balanced diet to her weight loss noting she “cut out sugar and carbohydrates,” which led to “rapid” results.

50 Cent Responds to Ozempic Rumors

Speaking of weight loss, in an Instagram post earlier this year, fans noticed that hip-hop star 50 Cent has shredded a significant amount of weight. People also accused the multi-platinum artist of using Ozempic to aid in his body transformation. 

However, the Get Rich or Die Trying artist denies ever using it.

“You wanna talk about weight loss? I was in the gym, I was working the f–– out, man,” he said. “And they say it’s Ozempic? I was running, I was running, I was doing what I had to do. You saw me on tour.”

Though Osbourne and 50 Cent deny using Ozempic to obtain their new physiques, plenty of celebrities have supplemented their diet and exercise regimen with weight loss drugs and seen a dramatic change in their bodies as a result.

Kelly Clarkson Gets Candid on Weight Loss

Kelly Clarkson has also lost a significant amount of weight. So much so that fans have begun to take notice. But this is not the first time she has addressed her lifestyle change.

The talk show host recently told PEOPLE that she credits moving to New York City with the assist as well. Since moving to The Big Apple, she has significantly increased the amount of walking that she does.

“We go walk the dogs a few times at the park. We’ll go for ice cream because my daughter will wear me down. We’ll go make slime and we go to the museum,” Clarkson said of her regimen.

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