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Kelly Rowland’s Cannes Security Fiasco Leads To Discovery Of Other Incidents

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Last week, some pretty surprising news emerged out of Cannes film festival. Video of Kelly Rowland seemingly being mistreated by security sparked a ton of controversy online. In the clip she appears to be rushed off of the spot where she’s taking pictures and pushed up the stairs. When she tries to communicate with someone she recognizes the security personal even appear to try and block her view an continue to forcer her along the carpet.

The video spread around all over the internet sparking stern responses from fans citing the unprofessional behavior of festival security. In the days since, according to TMZ, multiple further instances involving the woman at the center of the Kelly Rowland video have emerged. Model Sawa Pontyjska shared a video to her TikTok of her ending up restrained by one of the same staff member who started the interaction with Rowland. She pops up once again in a video of Korean singer and actress Yoona. She had her view blocked and was rushed into the event in a similar way to Rowland. The further clips sparked even more outrage online by fans calling for her to be fired after the repeat offenses. Check out the clip of Pontyjska’s interaction below.

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Cannes Security Guard From Viral Kelly Rowland Incident With Model Sawa Pontyjska

Earlier this year Kelly Rowland found herself in a different kind of viral controversy. Although this one didn’t include any video. She allegedly walked away from a scheduled appearance on The Today Show after realizing that her dressing room was too small. The rumor divided fans online over both whether it was true or not and if her behavior was appropriate.

What do you think of the same security guard who went viral for her interaction with Kelly Rowland having at least two other incidents? Do you agree with fans that she should be fired for the way she’s treating people entering the event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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