Home Crime Lil Durk Breaks Silence After Son Is Accused Of Shooting Stepdad: What We Know

Lil Durk Breaks Silence After Son Is Accused Of Shooting Stepdad: What We Know

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Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son allegedly shot his stepfather during a domestic dispute involving the child’s mother. Footage that surfaced only allegedly captured the moment when the child grabbed the weapon from his stepfather, Joshua Pippens, and fired it. The altercation shown on video displays the intense scene that unfolded. Pippens has already addressed the shooting from his hospital bed, defending his actions and providing additional context of what led up to that moment. Let’s dig into what we know so far about the shooting. 

The Incident

Caught on cameras, the child, dressed in a red t-shirt and shorts, allegedly took the gun from Pippens, who was dressed in orange, and then aimed and fired the weapon. In the video, Pippens attempts to retrain the child’s mother (in purple). But as the altercation continues into the streets, the child points the firearm and a single gunshot is heard. Then, Pippens falls to the ground.

Pippens’ Account

Joshua Pippens has spoken out from his hospital bed, asserting that he was not the aggressor in this situation. He claimed that the young boy acted under the influence of his mother. “As y’all can see, I was not the aggressor,” Pippens stated on social media. He explained that the child grabbed the gun from his hip, following his mother’s lead. Despite the incident, Pippens expressed his continued love for the child, lamenting that the boy was only acting based on his mother’s actions.

Custody Dispute

Pippens hinted that the confrontation might have stemmed from a custody dispute over a child the couple shares. He defended his position, stating, “That’s why I got custody of my kids and she don’t.” He suggested that if there were any legal repercussions, they would have already been addressed, emphasizing that his actions were motivated by a desire to protect his rights over his children.

Lil Durk Speaks?

Rapper Lil Durk, who is the father of seven children, has not directedly issued a comment on the matter. However, on July 8th, he did share a brief post on X that may have hinted that his album is on the way. “Save that money for them kids kids kids kids kids,” he wrote. 

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