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Marjorie Taylor Greene believes rap videos ‘glorify drugs and violence’ but attempts to participate in hip-hop culture in a MAGA-themed music video

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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene stars in a new rap music video in which she is declared “MAGA’s MVP.”

  • It’s the latest addition to the MAGA music genre that has emerged since the Trump admin.

  • January 6 rioters and Kid Rock have also tried their hand at overtly pro-Trump music.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest cultural venture includes a starring role in a rap music video in which she’s declared “MAGA’s MVP.”

Florida-based rapper Kurt Jantz, who goes by Forgiato Blow, released a new music video on Sunday dedicated to the Georgia representative.

“Marjorie, I really love what you do/Keep calling RINOs out/No one does it better than you, huh?” Jantz raps. Throughout the video, Greene silently nods her head next to Jantz or remains in the background, sitting on a throne or atop a red convertible.

It’s unclear when the Georgia representative had time to participate in the music video’s filming. Jantz told Insider in an email that he made the song to “honor” Greene’s “hustle & hard work.”

Greene’s spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment sent over the weekend.

The representative said on Twitter that the song was a way to “promote the Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” which proposes a federal ban on gender-affirming care for minors. The song features a snippet of Greene’s transphobic statements, accusing Democrats of “grooming children” and that President Joe Biden supports “sexualizing children” and having “transgender surgeries.” 


This is not the first time Greene has tried to insert herself into hip-hop culture. Back in January, she posted a promotional video of herself featuring an instrumental of Dr. Dre’s hit single, “Still D.R.E.” Dre disapproved of Greene’s use of his music.

“I don’t license my music to politicians, especially someone as divisive and hateful as this one,” he told TMZ.

In a statement to Newsweek, Greene said, “most rap videos exploit women, glorify drugs and violence, but Forgiato Blow’s new video is about calling out the left’s grooming agenda and protecting our children from genital mutilation.”

Children do not receive gender-affirming surgery. Gender-affrming surgery, which can include facial reconstructive surgery, removal of breast tissue, or genitial surgery, is sometimes performed on teens, but cases are rare. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health also recommends that gender-affirmative care emphasize psychological needs before “any physical interventions are considered for adolescents.”

Politics in music is evergreen. But Jantz’s song reflects a relatively new brand of heavy-handed, MAGA-centric musical numbers that have cropped up in the wake of the Trump administration.

In March, a group of men convicted for participating in the January 6 Capitol riot released a single called “Justice for All,” which briefly sat on iTunes’ Top Songs chart.

There’s also a trio of women, calling themselves The Deplorable Choir, who released a song called “Real Women Vote Trump.”

“We don’t care if you’re white/Don’t care if you’re black/We don’t care if you’re gay/We’re all under attack,” they sing.

Perhaps one of the more prominent musicians to contribute to the genre of pro-Trump music is Kid Rock, who released the song “We The People” in January 2022.

“But COVID’s near, it’s coming to town/We gotta act quick, shut our borders down/Joe Biden does, the media embraces/Big Don does it and they call him a racist,” Rock sings.

Part of this recent effort from the right to infiltrate pop culture with overtly political music can be traced to the success of rapper YG’s “FDT” or “Fuck Donald Trump,” released before Trump secured the presidency in 2016.

The song was certified Gold in January 2022, has over 33 million views on YouTube, and topped the iTunes chart in 2020 after Trump lost the election.

Conservative hip-hop artists have since attempted to recreate the success of YG’s song with a pro-Trump twist. One rapper has a song called “F Biden,” mimicking the chorus of YG’s song by repeating, “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Some conservatives have tried to co-opt hip-hop even as members of their party demonize the genre.

Former Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera said, “hip-hop has done more damage to young African Americans than racism in recent years” — a soundbite that was eventually sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s song, “DNA.”

Jantz told Insider that he has made songs with other prominent rappers, but pivoted to use hip-hop as a vehicle to support Trump.

“I started making pro-MAGA rap in 2016 & never looked back,” Jantz told Insider. “I have hit songs with Rick Ross, Kodak Black, Lil Durk, too many rappers to name, but I felt I could use my talents God gave me to send a better message to the kids & the community. I have been working hard to get Trump back in office & to change the culture.”

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