Home News Pat McAfee Under Fire For Calling Caitlin Clark A “White B*tch” And Claiming The Treatment She Receives Is Racially Motivated

Pat McAfee Under Fire For Calling Caitlin Clark A “White B*tch” And Claiming The Treatment She Receives Is Racially Motivated

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The Caitlin Clark discourse continues to devolve and has become something of a toxic subject. Pat McAfee has now thrown his hat into the defense team for Caitlin Clark in a wild rant on his ESPN show. It was inevitable that Pat McAfee would talk about the incident on his TV program as soon as it was revealed that he was there at Saturday’s Indiana Fever vs. Chicago Sky game, which saw Sky player Chennedy Carter push Fever guard Caitlin Clark to the ground. McAfee attacked unidentified WNBA players and the media, defending Clark’s status as the lone superstar in the rookie class for about ten minutes. He used the terms “cash cow” and “one white b—- who is a superstar” to emphasize his points.

McAfee began the show by talking about how Clark has been the target of a lot of trash talk from players on other teams. He had a message for the sports media and former WNBA players. “There seems to be this notion that this whole evolution of success and popularity in the WNBA is because of this entire rookie class. I think there’s a chance Chennedy Carter thinks [Sky rookie forward] Angel Reese deserves all this credit. The media talks about how it’s the entire class,” McAfee said. He says that there is only one person in the rookie class who matters, and that is Caitlin Clark. He then went off the handle.

Pat McAfee Calls Caitlin Clark A “White B*tch”

The unexpected statement from McAfee came just as he was about to conclude the program, though. He said, “I would like the media people that continue to say, ‘This rookie class, this rookie class, this rookie class’. Nah, just call it for what it is — there’s one white b—- for the Indiana team who is a superstar.” using that language crosses a very hard line. It doesn’t matter if it’s a compliment or meant as a positive, it is disrespectful. Fans have been going at Pat McAffee since he made the shocking statements. WNBA referees and anonymous critics were the targets of McAfee’s subsequent tirades.

The WNBA is a majority-black league, but there have been white superstars plenty in the WNBA both past and present. The Caitlin Clark situation has created a discourse chamber that benefits form people who don’t really care about women’s basketball getting riled up about Clark. Overall, if this continues at this rate, the WNBA season will keep devolving into these same toxic talking points. 

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