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Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia Go Back & Forth Online Over A Rolls Royce After He Tried To Block Her From Taping ‘RHOA’ In Luxury Car: ‘Film In Your Own Assets…Not Mine!’

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Porsha Williams, Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia Go Back & Forth Online Over A Rolls Royce After He Tried To Block Her From Taping ‘RHOA’ In Luxury Car: ‘Film In Your Own Assets…Not Mine!’

Update (June 18, 2024): A Rolls Royce continues to be a sore spot for Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia amid their ongoing divorce.

Last night (Monday, June 17), and about a week after Simon Guobadia sent a cease-and-desist to stop Porsha Williams from filming RHOA scenes in the luxury car, he made a subliminal post, suggesting he was going to get the car back.

In an Instagram post, he posed outside of a white Rolls Royce with orange interior and wrote in the caption,

“My favorite color for a Rolls Royce interior is obviously “Mandarin”. I have owned 3 of them in the last 7 years.”

He continued,

“I’m looking forward to a unification of all 3 of Mandarin interior color Rolls Royces in the very near future! Happy Monday?? #workhardplayharder#workforyourdreamlife.”

In response, Porsha Williams fired off her own subliminal message in a since-deleted Instagram post. She wrote,

“Unification of three ?!Meanwhile one RR Dawn was sold along with the Ferrari to buy the one specter [laughing Emoji] #GoWayFromMeWifDis #HappyInstaFlex #FineGrannyWithPimples”

She added the caption,

“Sassy10minPost #Turnin2LeaseGet1 #FlexisLife #CloutGang”

She also claimed in the comment section that leased a Rolls Royce and didn’t actually buy it.

Although Porsha Williams has since deleted her messages, Simon Guobadia fired off a series of responses. In one post, he told his estranged wife,

“Film in your own Assets….Not mine! I worked for mine. SMDH #ignoranceisadeadlydisease (Are you happy now? Now go read again for context)”

See what else he had to say below:



Original Story (June 13, 2024): Simon Guobadia recently made another legal move against his soon-to-be ex-wife Porsha Williams.

According to reports, the Nigerian native is seeking to prevent the reality star from utilizing the Rolls Royce he purchased for her as the two continue to hash out their nasty divorce.

Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams

A report from RadarOnline states that Simon Guobadia submitted a court motion recently seeking to prevent Porsha Williams from using the vehicle while filming for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The businessman noted in the documents that he purchased the car on his own in 2021 and retained rights as to how the Rolls Royce Ghost can be used. His lawyers wrote in the cease and desists:

“Mr. Guobadia purchased and insured the 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost solely in his name on October 26, 2021…As such, please note that Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the release, disclosure, or publication of the Rolls Royce, nor does he consent to the taping, filming, photography, or recording of the Rolls Royce including any aspects of any activity in or about the Rolls Royce.”

Porsha Williams

They continued:

“Upon information and belief, True Entertainment, LLC may have been filming, recording, or photographing the Rolls Royce while it may have been in the use and/or possession of third parties other than Mr. Simon Guobadia…If such actions have occurred, I am requesting that no photographs or recordings be released, disclosed, or published as Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the same regarding his vehicle.”

Simon Guobadia’s efforts to keep Porsha Williams from using the vehicle come a few weeks after he joked about her no longer having it. If you recall, Guobadia first gifted Williams the car in January 2022 and alluded to him taking it back amid their ongoing divorce. Seemingly taking a shot at Williams, Guobadia commented under a post last month of RHOA newest peach holder Shamea Morton being gifted a Rolls Royce, writing:

“Congratulations my good sis @shameamorton . I’m so happy for you. My brother Gerald has excellent taste in fine automobile. Look forward to watching the only cast member with a RR.”

The comment triggered Williams to post a subsequent video of herself riding around in a Rolls Royce, which seemingly prompted Guobadia to file his recent motion. Additionally, the two have also been back and forth to court over the use of their marital home. As we recently reported, Williams has been attempting to resume filming at the house Guobadia purchased prior to their 2022 nuptials, arguing that their prenup held a clause that required the husband to vacate the home in the event of divorce. Guobadia, however, has been fighting to retain his rights to the house. As of earlier this month, he’s been successful in blocking Williams from being able to film there.

Despite tension surrounding their split, Guobadia did pen an interesting comment under one of his posts recently, seemingly in favor of Williams. The comment read:

“I don’t see Porsha as a ..”golddigger” there are unknown truths about went down with her and her soon to be ex-husband, I saw “kove [SIC]” in both there [SIC] eyes when they married, and thru Family events, I was rooting for them!! Porsha is a hardworking, for her precious little girl, and she does a great job, she probably made some mistakes, UT she came from a good blessed Family, and has their support, as does Simon!! Bless God for them!!”

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