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Reason’s Remarks on Ice Spice’s “Trashy” Debut Album “Y2K”

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TDE rapper Reason believes Ice Spice’s team lacks critical thinking and attention to details skills.

In the wake of the “Deli” rapper sharing the cover artwork ahead of the July 26 release date of her upcoming debut album, Y2K, Reason couldn’t help but voice his own personal opinion about the visual direction of the project.

Opting for a thematic urban landscape theme, the Y2K cover showcases integral elements of New York City—such as the subway—and is stamped with Ice Spice’s signature.

Additionally, the Y2K album title itself is spraypainted on a trash can in a colorful graffiti tag format and is positioned adjacent to Ice Spice herself. In a quoted reply to the album announcement he shared on Twitter (X), Reason trashed the cover and criticized Ice Spice’s team for giving it the green light.

“Nobody caught putting the name on a trash can as a mistake? Being serious like somebody on the team gotta catch that right?” Reason wrote in the tweet

Users quickly flocked to the comment section of the post, where they both doubled down on Reason’s criticism, in addition to challenging it.

“Its ice spice not kdot its not music u need to think about,” one user trolled while another hit back directly in a reply that reads, “Her music makes her label more than his does TDE… he shouldn’t even be talking.”

It’s worth noting the user who claimed Ice Spice’s music catalog is more lucrative than Kendrick Lamar’s was accosted and labeled an “OV-Ho” for their remarks.

Considering it’s clear the cover was specifically crafted to cater to a gritty and NYC-centric ambiance, it’s hard to believe that Ice Spice’s team would have designed anything on it by mistake. One could also infer that the album title appearing on the trashcan may be a strategic tactic to drum up discussion and boost engagement on social posts announcing the release.

And it’s not like Ice Spice hasn’t previously leaned into less-than-flattering marketing strategies, i.e. the viral video of her putting on heels and proceeding to bite the dust after taking one step.

No matter the case, it will certainly be interesting to see how both this album cover and Reason’s tweet ages over the course of the next few months.

Check out artwork above.

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