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Sahil Arora Banned from X Amidst Celebrity Memecoin Scam Allegations

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  • Sahil Arora, a celebrity memecoin promoter, has been banned from the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) for alleged scams and manipulated screenshots.
  • Arora has promoted memecoins associated with celebrities like Iggy Azalea, Caitlyn Jenner, Rich the Kid, and Offset, many of whom have publicly accused him of fraud.
  • Despite the accusations, Arora continues promoting new celebrity memecoins and alleged partnerships, such as with the BingX exchange which denied working with him.
  • Arora allegedly acted as a middleman for a Solana memecoin project’s $20,000 payment to Offset, but the rapper claims he never received the funds.
  • The WeCare Foundation is offering legal and financial support to victims of Arora’s alleged rug pulls and scams, aiming to help those affected seek justice and recover losses.

Sahil Arora, a notorious celebrity memecoin promoter, has found himself in hot water once again as mounting allegations of scams and fraudulent behavior have led to his ban from the social media platform X.

The suspension of Arora’s “@Habibi_Comm” account comes amidst a series of controversies involving manipulated screenshots, false partnerships, and alleged rug pulls that have left investors questioning the legitimacy of his ventures.

Arora’s modus operandi revolves around exploiting celebrities’ lack of experience in the world of web3 and cryptocurrencies.

By positioning himself as a middleman, he has managed to launch and promote several memecoins themed after high-profile figures such as Australian musician Iggy Azalea, Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, American rapper Rich the Kid, and hip hop artist Offset.

However, as the prices of these tokens invariably crashed shortly after their launch, the celebrities involved have publicly distanced themselves from Arora, with many accusing him outright of fraud and scams.

Despite the growing backlash and social media bans, Arora remains undeterred in his pursuit of new celebrity partnerships and memecoin launches.

Recent promotions include an alleged partnership with cryptocurrency exchange BingX, which the company has vehemently denied, and a new Solana-based project centered around Offset.

Screenshots of messages suggest that Offset had previously encountered Arora, with the alleged scammer acting as an intermediary for a $20,000 payment from a memecoin project to the rapper. However, Offset claims he never received the funds, further fueling suspicions about Arora’s credibility.

As the list of celebrities speaking out against Arora continues to grow, with names like Floyd Mayweather and Lindsay Lohan being linked to his recent promotions, the crypto community is increasingly concerned about the impact of his actions on the industry’s reputation and the financial well-being of investors.

In response to the growing number of individuals affected by Arora’s alleged scams, the WeCare Foundation has stepped in to offer legal and financial support to the victims.

Saad Kassis Mohamed, CEO of the WeCare Foundation, has emphasized the organization’s commitment to helping those who have fallen prey to deceptive schemes in the crypto space.

By providing a platform for collective action, legal assistance, and emotional support, the foundation aims to empower victims to seek justice and recover their losses.

To ensure that help is directed towards those who genuinely need it, WeCare has implemented a stringent verification process that involves checking investment records and communication histories.

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