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Savannah James Shockingly Reveals She Had To Fight Quite A Bit In High School

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The wife of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, Savannah James, had an interesting conversation with co-host April McDaniel on a recent episode of the Everybody’s Crazy Podcast. The two talked on a variety of subjects, including Savannah’s time in high school, when she disclosed that she got into a lot of arguments. Savannah said of her having to fight through high school, “Fighting,” Savannah said when asked what she was doing in high school. “I don’t [love to fight]. But I had to defend myself.

She continued, “I had a lot of that. I had girls that didn’t like me and couldn’t tell nobody why they didn’t like me. My whole group of friends, it was like tough. It was a lot… I do feel like a lot of the fights I had, it was me being an ally of my friends… I was nice. It feels like I got a long with the majority of everybody.” April McDaniel made fun of Savannah by joking, “I would hate you too if your boyfriend was LeBron James.” High school is an unpleasant place to be, since individuals will frequently instigate fights without cause. Furthermore, while Savannah acknowledged that she needed to protect herself from the girls who didn’t like her, she never actively sought out conflict.

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Savannah James Reveals That She Fought A Lot In Highschool

Savannah and LeBron have been together since high school, which is why McDaniel joked about the other girls hating her for that reason. Savannah James is a philanthropist and prosperous businesswoman. She has amassed a sizeable wealth; as of 2024, her estimated net worth was $100 million. Savannah has carved out her own niche in business and charity even while being married to LeBron James.

Her high school romance with LeBron James brought her to the attention of the public for the first time. As her husband’s NBA career took off over time, Savannah James focused on her own interests and ambitions, which included a number of lucrative business ventures and a significant amount of charitable work. Her work has been distinguished by a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit and a sincere desire to give back to the community. Overall, Savannah’s podcast seems to always bring out some good stories.

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