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Saweetie Refuses To “Spin The Block” About Quavo With Shannon Sharpe

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Saweetie refused to be baited by Shannon Sharpe when she joined The Nightcap for a live show. Sharpe eagerly began the conversation by asking the rapper about her past relationship with Quavo but Saweetie already had things on lock. “Is that all I have? I don’t got Icy Girl? Or being Ms. McDonald? Or having a Mac campaign? All I got is that?” Saweetie asked as Sharpe backpedaled. Furthermore, the rapper refused to “spin the block” about her past relationships when pressed by Sharpe. “I don’t have a record of doing that. That’s not me, I don’t do that,” Saweetie said bluntly.

However, she did allude to a few things after Sharpe asked her why she gave back the Bentley Quavo gifted her during their relationship. “I didn’t give it back. You know what happened,” Saweetie said coyly. It has long been reported that Quavo repossessed the car after the couple broke up. Despite this, it’s not something she is sweating. “I got myself the rose-colored Rolls Royce so I don’t need it,” she added.

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What Happened To The Saweetie Barbie Song?

Of course, Quavo is not the only person that Saweetie could “spin the block” about. Last year, she revealed that she is still working on plans to release her song intended for Barbie. Prior to her comments, Compton rapper Problem alleged that Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie World”, which appeared over the film’s end credits, was actually stolen from Saweetie. It was a claim that the Cali rapper appeared to confirm. “There are no rules. It’s the wild wild west. [But] it’s inspiration. I love to inspire, that’s my purpose here. And they look bomb as fuck in that video. So it’s just like, okay bitch I see you. Mine’s still coming out though, stay tuned. I’m saving it for a very special moment,” the rapper said of the theft allegations.

The track, reportedly called “Icy Girl”, could make an appearance on Pretty Bitch Music, her to-be-released debut studio album. The record was due to be released last June but was postponed so that Saweetie could “reconstruct” a number of the tracks. Are you looking forward to Saweetie’s full-length debut? Let us know in the comments.

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