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Sexyy Red Claps Back At Lord Jamar For Insulting Her Appearance

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Lord Jamar has problems with lots of different artists. The legendary rapper has become better known for his critiques than his music, and his recent The Art of Dialogue interview supported this. Jamar went after Sexyy, insulting the way she looked and smelt. The rapper claimed that Sexyy Red looked “icky and hot.” He described her as the kind of woman who smells “like a room full of sex,” and urged men to “do better.” Needless to say, Sexyy Red did not let these criticisms slide.

Sexyy Red reposted the Lord Jamar interview on Instagram with the text “ask @chieffkeeffsossa do I stink.” Sexyy and Chief Keef have been linked for the better part of a year. That said, both artists have maintained that they are friends. The former called Chief Keef her “brother” after posting flirtatious photos with him on Instagram. That hasn’t stopped the romance rumors from swirling, however. The rapper placed Chief Keef’s chain in her panties during an IG post in June. Sexxy also claimed that her baby daddy went through her text messages with Keef shortly after she gave birth.

Sexyy Red Hinted At A Hook Up With Chief Keef

Sexyy’s response to Lord Jamar suggests that something sexual went down between her and Chief Keef. Either way, the rapper has grown accustomed to hate from other artists. Lord Jamar is not the first artist to label Sexxy an industry plant, or criticize the explicit sexuality in her music. The pushback has gotten so prevalent, in fact, that the rapper has taken to addressing it during interviews. Sexyy Red talked about hate from people like Lord Jamar during a new episode of HBO’s The Shop. While the episode premieres July 11, a teaser clip saw Sexyy Red talking about the way that hatred motivates her.

“They still don’t believe in me, so I’m just gonna show you who I am,” she told Andre 3000. “Ain’t nobody doing this.” The Outkast rapper urged Sexyy Red to keep doing what she was doing, and ignore what her critics have to say. “Use it for fuel,” he posited. “Hater fuel, man, it’s the best sh*t.” Hopefully Sexxy’s low ticket sales don’t deter her from keeping a positive outlook.

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