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Taraji P. Henson Reveals She Has An Incredible Functioning Salon In Her House

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Taraji P. Henson has demonstrated her commitment to self-care and independent spirit by disclosing that she uses a full salon set up in her house to manicure her nails. With a complete salon, Taraji P. Henson has turned her house into a haven for self-care and beauty. Her hectic schedule is well-suited to the creative outlet the salon offers. The actress disclosed in-depth details to Allure magazine about how she uses an amazing system at home to painstakingly manicure her nails.

“The nail girls—the professional nail techs—love me because they swear I’m a pro, too,” Taraji P. Henson said during the interview. “They send me free products because they think I have customers. I ain’t doing nobody but my own… But I do have a functioning salon in my house.” The 53-year-old Hidden Figures actress went into detail about her unique nail care regimen, which frequently involves press-on nails made by her nail technician, Temeka Jackson. She said, “Most of the time, I’m wearing press-ons made by my nail technician, Temeka Jackson. I have her pre-make them so I can switch out sets as quickly as I want.”

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Taraji P. Henson Takes Us Through Her Home Salon

In a further testament to her independence, Taraji P. Henson painted her own nails for her most recent television drama, Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist. She said of her nails, “Sometimes you’ll catch my work on the red carpet, too,” she added. “I’m a true Virgo, so I don’t like to be at the mercy of anybody’s schedule; I’ll do it myself if I have to.” Taraji, who also recently starred in Color Purple, uses a variety of products in addition to her artistic talent to keep her nails healthy. She explained further, “Underneath those (press-on) nails, my nails are healthy AF because I take care of them using the Nail Tek Recovery System,” Henson explained. “It’s a little three-polish system that has a cuticle oil, a fibre filler, and a strengthening polish.”

All in all, having a legitimate salon in your home is a very big flex. Taraji is obviously investing in her self-health and putting her money towards something she loves doing. Overall, it is super cool that Taraji P. Henson has revealed that she has a functioning salon in her house. Legitimate goals for a lot of people out there. 

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