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Tems Details Her Mental Journey On “Born In The Wild”

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Tems rise to the top has been quite rapid. Over the last couple of years, the Lagos, Nigerian genre chameleon has notched some impressive feathers in her cap. Whether it be working with Drake (multiple times) and Future on “WAIT FOR U”, or Wizkid and Justin Bieber on “Essence”, she has really been everywhere. We also cannot forget to mention her contributions to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. But just because she has all of these major collaborations, do not think for one second that her solo career is lackluster. From “Me & U” to “Love Me JeJe”, and “Higher”, the 28-year-old has a loaded catalog, too. The first two singles land on Tems’ debut album, Born in the Wild.

It follows up on a tandem of EPs, For Broken Ears (2020) and If Orange Was A Place (2021), both of which were well received. We can almost guarantee that her first full-length will get similar praise as well. Across the 18-song, nearly hour-long project, fans can expect a personal journey of learning to deal with fame, relationships, as well some introspection. Born in the Wild could mean a few things, but since Tems says it is all about her mindset and how she has grown. “It’s more about the state of being. It was a wilderness in the environment I lived in and there’s so many things that happened and so many lessons I learned to come and be this person now. It is basically coming out of the wilderness.”

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