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Vory’s Reference Track for Drake’s ‘Mob Ties’ Surfaces Online

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In what seems to be another leak in the operation (pun intended), another reference track for Drake has leaked online. Only this time, instead of Lil Yachty (who sent a reference for ‘Jumbotron S**t Poppin‘), it is actually Vory’s vocal performance demo for the hugely successful Drake track, ‘Mob Ties‘.

The song has been a topic of much controversy and discussion, with fans generating conspiracy theories on how Drake may have been involved in the murder of rapper XXXtentacion based primarily off a bar on ‘Mob Ties’. In it, Drake mentions how he is trading Louis Vuitton bags in exchange for body bags — an eerie coincidence considering how witnesses claim to have seen X’s shooters with Louis bags on them. Now, however, the fans are confused as it seems like Drake may not have even written the bar himself!

While the reference track seems to be an authentic recording by Vory, it is important to note that he is actually already credited as one of the writers on the controversial record. If you’re wondering where, it’s the last name in the writing credits (T. Hollins Jr, short for Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr.).

The true contention, really, is how much of it was actually written by Vory? If the demo is any indication, it is likely that Vory wrote majority of the track, for why would an artist have an entire flow ready for a track they wrote less of? Craft wise, the act of finding flow pockets and writing the song are processes that go hand in hand more often than not.

With these coming to light (no, not a Daylyt pun) the pertinent question is: how much of a ‘hitmaker’ really is Drake? With multiple number 1’s on the Billboard Hot 100, how many are really written just by Drake? We just have no way of knowing!

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