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What happened to Kylie Douglas, the former dancer for 7M, when she moved to Los Angeles?

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‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ by Netflix uncovers the hidden truth about Robert Shinn’s company, 7M Films, and the Shekinah Church, but only after he had allegedly brainwashed and ruined the lives of several TikTok dancers and made them cut ties with their families. One of the victims was Kylie Douglas, a talented dancer who was traumatized from her time at the agency.

Kylie Douglas was taken in by more than one person and was regarded as an advantage.

Kylie Douglas grew up in a stable household and developed a close relationship with her mother and grandparents, but her enthusiasm for dancing quickly transformed into a career as a dancer. She met Aubrey Fisher, who also fell in love with her, and they started dating in the 2010s. She later founded The Voltz, a hip-hop dance company for teenagers, and lived off chores and occasional outings, always taking notes.

The invitation to a dinner party hosted by Robert Shinn made her feel uneasy, as she knew her boyfriend and fellow attendees were all her colleagues and collaborators. Robert’s business venture, 7M Films, enlisted social media stars to hire and manage social media stars, and she believed that joining the company would help her pursue a career in dancing with her partner, even though it may have helped her rewind her faith through Shekinah. Nonetheless, she was compelled to cut off all communication with her family, particularly in her forged.

Kylie’s most unpleasant experience was when Robert, a man known for his sexually suggestive cult, reportedly offered to crack her back on her at the gym, but she believed he could be a threat. As a result, she believed she might be in the wrong and not safe. Following the revelation of the sexual assault allegations, she left 7M Films and Shekinah and began speaking out about her experience. Eventually, she decided to end their five-year relationship, which started in April 2019.

Dance & Choreography: Kylie Douglas.

Kylie Douglas finally left the clutches of Robert Shinn and started enjoying life without restrictions again, reunited with family and friends. She also collaborated with Giovanni Tisera, a fellow dancer and choreographer. She also took control of The Voltz and revived it, taking part in the ‘World of Dance’ in 2023. She also became a mother of dogs by rescuing a puppy and naming it Macy in 2022.

On Mother’s Day, Kylie took the stage to express her love for her mom, whom she had met through her 7M Films career, through a Facebook post where she expressed her gratitude.

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