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Wiz Khalifa Criticized For Linking With Ryan Garcia After Racist Rant

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Wiz Khalifa is being dragged online after he linked up with Ryan Garcia just days after the boxer went on a racist rant.

The controversial fighter, who has been making headlines for a series of bizarre outbursts in recent months, sparked outrage on Thursday (July 4) when he went on a social-media rant during which he used the N-word while invoking the Ku Klux Klan.

“I hate n-ggas. I’m anti-Black,” Garcia, who is of Mexican heritage, said during an X Spaces broadcast. “I’m KKK, n-gga. I hate n-ggas […] Let’s go bring George Floyd back to life and kill that n-gga.”

The racist remakrs continued on his own profile, where he wrote “I love n-ggas” and “Lil Wayne said I can say the N Word.”

In footage shared by Garcia on Sunday (July 7), he and Wiz shook hands in a bar before the Taylor Gang rapper gave the athlete his phone number to stay connected.

“Wiz has no code,” one person wrote in the comments, while another added: “@wizkhalifa must not know what he said because how tf do you shake hands with someone that said what he said about black folks..?”

A third person replied: “Wiz Khalifa is officially a lame for this.”

Meek Mill was among those who were upset by Ryan Garcia’s comments as he subsequently took to his Instagram Stories and questioned the boxer’s mental health.

“Doing anything for money can mess your brain up and now you really broke-n,” he wrote. “This life ain’t for everyone it’s cool to be normal and smart!”

The Philly native isn’t the only public figure who has taken issue with the aforementioned remarks.

Former NBA player and current All The Smoke host Stephen Jackson also slammed the 25-year-old in a video posted to Instagram, saying: “First you go from taking steroids then you talking about digging George Floyd up and killing him again? Now you talking about you hate n-ggas and you wanna join the KKK?

“Look, dawg, you need to get some help, bro, because we don’t play by the same rules that you play by in that ring, dawg. I’m just telling you, just like I told you in the DM when I told you to get some help because it’s a whole different ballgame out here, bro. Anyone that gotta bring up the dead is dying inside. You a clout chaser. That’s all you are. You’re looking for attention.”

He added: “You tryna live a life that you didn’t grow up in. You’re not that, Ryan. Okay? You a boxer. Stick to that, bro. Keep George Floyd’s name out your mouth. If you wanna join the KKK like you said on Clubhouse, go ahead, just don’t fuck with us. And don’t expect us to fuck with you.”

Garcia later apologized for his comments and claimed that he was “trolling,” but that didn’t prevent him from being banned by the World Boxing Council.

“Exercising my authority … I am hereby expelling Ryan Garcia from any activity with our organization,” WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman wrote on X. “We reject any form of discrimination.”

Lil Wayne, for his part, has yet to respond to the California native’s claim.

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