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Young Dolph Trial’s Judge Scorches His Alleged Killer In Court: Watch

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The trial for the murder of Young Dolph is meant to be an unbiased and fair one, but that is becoming quite difficult to see these days. However, it’s important to note that it’s for external reasons, so there’s no actual threat of injustice when it comes to the verdict. Moreover, this stems from Shelby County Judge Jennifer Mitchell’s recent reprimanding of prime suspect Hernandez Govan in a Tennessee courtroom this week, according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop. For those unaware, he sought a change in his bond terms, as he wants to be able to find employment to provide for his family.

Furthermore, Govan stands accused as the mastermind behind the hit on Young Dolph. The court charged him with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. They arrested the suspect in November of 2022, a year after the rapper’s passing, and granted him a $90K bond and house arrest arrangements. This also follows other developments in this court proceeding, such as authorities seeking jurors outside of Memphis to lessen the risk of bias in the outcome.

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Judge Slams Young Dolph’s Alleged Murderer: Watch

Back to Judge Mitchell, though, she chastised Govan for his behavior during this bond and house arrest term. “Mr. Govan, I don’t have to tell you how serious these charges are,” she began her remarks about the Young Dolph case. Mitchell believes he is “playing fast and loose with the court” and disrespected the judicial process. “You’re doing interviews… and the court doesn’t like the fact that you feel free enough to do interviews. You are to not have any interviews with anybody for any reason.”

“Please don’t give me any reason to revoke this bond,” Judge Mitchell concluded her statement. The court will review Govan’s bond conditions on March 1, and it’s unclear how this will impact the rest of the trial. However, there’s already a lot of speculation and dissatisfaction with how this whole thing is panning out, and whether this will really bring the justice the late Memphis legend deserves. Unfortunately for us, we’ll just have to wait and see. On that note, log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on the Young Dolph trial.

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