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Young Thug’s Attorney Uses Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl Performance As Evidence In Trial

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The YSL RICO trial has the very culture of hip-hop in its veins. It’s obviously very literally related to rap music as rappers are directly involved. Gunna, YFN Lucci, and most notoriously Young Thug are directly related to the case. It’s also intersected with plenty of other high-profile artists and notable moments in rap. The use of Thug’s lyrics has introduced rappers like Juice Wrld into the mix. Thug’s attorneys even once brought up Lil Uzi Vert’s notorious forehead diamond to explain a particular lyric used by the defense.

Now, yet another iconic piece of hip-hop lore is coming up in the trial. Young Thug’s attorneys have been trying to fight back against the prosecution’s claims of gang affiliations for weeks now. One of the major ways they’ve done that is by attacking the very notion that many of the gang signs cited by the prosecution necessarily imply gang affiliation. They used clips of athletes like Serena Williams and LeBron James to show that gang culture reaches far beyond those directly affiliated. For similar reasons, the defense played clips of Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl performance in court. They aimed to prove that gang culture is so deeply ingrained in rap that it doesn’t work as direct proof of any actual gang affiliations.

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Snoop Dogg Performance Played In Young Thug Trial

Last week, the prosecution in the trial tried to shut down the livestream fans have been using to watch the trial. After incidents like threatening comments made in the Zoom call and even an outright hack, they claim that the harm outweighs the good. Despite that claim the livestream is still available and today’s proceedings are currently available to watch online. One of YSL’s co-founders is back in court today answering even more questions about the label.

What do you think of Young Thug’s attorney playing a clip of Snoop Dogg performing during his trial? Do you think it does a good job of proving how engrained gang culture in in rap music? Let us know in the comment section below.

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