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5 Politicians Who’ve Genuinely Embraced Hip-Hop Culture

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Ahead of elections, politicians will utilize any avenue available to potentially gain more voters, and also show how “tapped in” they are to any given demographic. Amongst politicians who get rappers’ names wrong, “free” the incarcerated for a political moment, and even customize hideous kicks to appeal to young Black voters — there are some genuine political figures who have made their campaigns about the needs of minority communities, and less about pandering to Black people.

Now, as much as politicians like former POTUS Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have appeared to be for the people, both have lost trust amongst people of color before. However, Clinton has taken the initiative to, at least, engage with the Black community in a real way and acknowledge her past ignorance.

There are others who have actually formed genuine bonds with important figures within Hip-Hop culture, directly influencing the youth. From Barack Obama highlighting rap lyrics in speeches and having Beyoncé and Jay-Z back him to the “Hip-Hop Mayor” of New York, Eric Adams, weaving the culture into his administration — here are five politicians who have genuinely embraced Hip-Hop culture.

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