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50 Cent Baffled At Rumors Of Diddy Having Sex With Veteran Actor

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50 Cent is feigning shock at the latest rumor about Diddy, which involves the Bad Boy mogul of once sleeping with Family Matters actor Reginald VelJohnson, better known to the world as Carl Winslow.

Comedian Luce Cannon made the claim during his appearance on the Drinx with Ginx podcast this week, alleging that he saw the act himself at one of the mogul’s parties.

“When Diddy fucked Carl Winslow, we was at the party,” he said. “And you know, we just chilling and shit. Everybody know me. I’m a goofy n-gga, I’m funny and stuff like that. So, I hear a n-gga just wearing out some shit.

“I’m like, ‘Who’s wearing this bitch out?’ N-gga, I kicked in the door. Boom! Kick in the door, n-gga, I seen— I look, I seen Carl Winslow put his head up … I swear to God [on] dead homie, Neighborhood Crip.”

He continued: “When I seen that, cuz, right, Diddy came back. And he was telling me, he was like, ‘It’s nothing more enjoyable than having a man do something for some money. I’m like cuz that shit crazier than a muthafucka.”

Taking to his Instagram page with a screenshot of a headline about the story, Fif reacted by writing: “Ok this is, this is , this is [concerned emoji] I’m not sure what to say anymore. So Diddy was playing with Carls booty too [blushing emoji] LOL( I NEED A DRINK GUY’S). ”

Youtube Video - 50 Cent Baffled At Rumors Of Diddy Being Intimate With 'Family Matters' Actor

50 Cent has been having the time of his life by trolling Diddy over the past few months. Earlier this week, he took a snippet from Kesha’s performance at Coachella to once again make it clear where he stands on the issue.

In mid April, the Los Angeles native took the stage as a guest performer during Reneé Rapp‘s set at the festival’s Outdoor Theater. Both popstars teamed up for a performance of the 2009 single “Tik Tok,” which begins with the line: “Wake up in the morning, feeling like P. Diddy.”

A few years after the release of the song, Kesha’s career as an artist was put on the back burner as she entered a lengthy legal dispute with famed producer Dr. Luke over allegations of him physically, sexually and emotionally assaulting her, among other things. After nearly a decade, the lawsuit was settled out of court last year.

Her experiences might have something to do with why she altered the aforementioned lyrics to: “Wake up in the morning like, fuck P. Diddy.”

The change was presumably in response to the multiple lawsuits recently filed against the Bad Boy boss over allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

Sure enough, Fif was thrilled to see this as he reshared the video with the caption: “LOL She said [middle-finger emoji] Fvck P DIDDY, HAHAAHAHA [side-eye emoji] PUFFY LIKE 50 TOLD HER TO SAY THAT!”

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