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50 Cent’s Weight Loss in New Photos Surprises Fans

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50 Cent appearing as though he has lost a considerable amount of weight in recent photos has fans weighing in with surprised comments online.

Fans Opine on 50 Cent’s Apparent Weight Loss

For the past couple of days, fans have been weighing in on recent photos 50 Cent shared on Instagram, which appear to show the rap-mogul has slimmed down a bit in recent weeks.

“50 cent lost mad weight,” one person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday (Jan. 21).

“Why 50 cent loose weight like that I hope he’s good,” another X user commented on the topic.

“What movie is 50 cent loosing weight for now?” someone else questioned.

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50 Cent Previously Loses Weight for Movie Role

If 50 Cent is losing weight for a movie role, this wouldn’t be the first time. In 2010, he dropped 60 pounds for his role in the 2011 filmThings Fall ApartPhotos of Fif’s transformation went viral. He quickly gained the weight back after the role.

Adding to unsubstantiated theories that 50 Cent is sick, the rapper recently apologized to anyone he’s ever offended in an Instagram post.

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Check out reactions to 50 Cent’s apparent weight loss and recent photos of Fif below.

See Reactions to 50 Cent’s Apparent Weight Loss

See Recent Photos of 50 Cent That Have People Thinking He is Losing Weight

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