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6ix9ine’s Custom Lamborghini & Bentley Auctioned Off By IRS

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6ix9ine‘s custom vehicles, including a 2019 Lamborghini Urus and a 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed, have been listed for auction after being seized by the IRS earlier this year.

As previously reported, the luxury whips were taken from his Florida home back in April. According to a report by XXL, the cars will hit the auction block from July 8–23, with bids starting at $20k for each.

While the GSA website notes that the paint splatter on the cars is a custom paint job, it’s actually a wrap and can be removed.

According to TMZ, the rapper was not home at the time of the raid in April, during which the IRS seized a number of his belongings in addition to the vehicles.

About the raid, the rapper’s attorney said: “We are assessing the situation and will issue a statement at the appropriate time.”

The IRS is currently collecting on a $10 million judgment filed against the embattled rapper by dancer Alexis Salaberrios back in 2023. A receiver was appointed on November 29 to make sure he would turn his assets over for potential sale to satisfy his debt.

6ix9ine is being held responsible for hitting Salaberrios in the head with a champagne bottle. As a result, a Florida jury awarded her $9.8 million in damages after the defendant didn’t show up to his civil trial over the summer.

The incident took place at the Gold Rush strip club in Miami, Florida back in 2021, following which the victim took Tekashi to court.

Salaberrios has since claimed to have not received her compensation from the rapper, who she claimed has been concealing his assets and income to avoid paying her. She subsequently proposed seizing his earnings to fulfill the court order, which the court subsequently granted.

6ix9ine has also been dealing with legal issues in the Dominican Republic, which is where he is currently living.

The Brooklyn native was recently released on bond after being arrested for domestic assault against his girlfriend Yailín la Más Viral.

The claims of violence were made by her mother, Wanda Diaz, but Yailín has denied anything took place. She did not attend the proceedings to share her side as she claimed to be ill from a cosmetic surgery complication.

6ix9ine was released on a bond of $507. The judge overseeing the case reportedly found that the evidence presented by prosecutors was not enough to keep him in police custody due to Yailín’s lack of cooperation.

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