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A Break Down Of The Charges

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Sean Kingston was taken into custody on Thursday, May 23, after his mother was arrested in a raid of his rented Florida mansion. Kingston was at a performance in California when he was found and arrested hours after the raid. The warrant detailed that he and his mother were arrested on numerous fraud and theft charges. The Broward Sherrif’s office spoke to PEOPLE about the incident.

“This evening, police in Fort Irwin, Calif., arrested Kisean Anderson, aka Sean Kingston without incident on a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest warrant for numerous fraud and theft charges.” Similarly, attorney Dennis Card also revealed to PEOPLE that they have been “waiting on this raid for more than two months now.” Here’s all the information on the many charges against Sean Kingston and his mother.

Previous Charges

Sean Kingston’s arrest and charges come amid the singer already being on probation for allegedly trafficking stolen property. Unsurprisingly, one of the charges against him is also the violation of his probation. The singer was held without bail after his arrest and had an extradition hearing scheduled for Tuesday. The raid on Kingston’s home was a follow-up to an investigation into the singer from a lawsuit against him that was filed by Ver Ver Entertainment in February. 

Allegedly, Kingston had previously claimed that he had connections to Justin Bieber. He subsequently promised the company that he would record promotional videos with Bieber. However, he reportedly failed to do so. The suit also claimed that he had purchased items from the company but hadn’t paid for them, instead claiming that he would replace the payment with the profits made off his promotions with Bieber. 

After investigations, Ver Ver Entertainment confirmed that Kingston didn’t have a working relationship with Bieber. Nonetheless, the singer continued to evade all attempts from the company to collect their payment. This subsequently led to the lawsuit. Sean Kingston took to his Instagram stories on Thursday after the raid to share a message that read, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother! My lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”

The Charges Against Sean Kingston’s Mother

Janice Turner, 61, was arrested on May 23rd following the police raid on the Florida mansion rented by her son. She reportedly faces several charges. These include one count of organized schemes to defraud, three counts of grand theft over $100k, one of grand theft over $20k, one count of fraud, and three counts of criminal use of personal identification information. Further, she was reportedly held on a $160,000 bond at the Broward main jail. Turner was able to pay the bail after being held for 4 days.

The Charges Against Sean Kingston

The arrest warrant issued for Sean Kingston in Broward County stated that the singer was facing 10 charges. These include one count of organized schemes to defraud multiple companies, one of grand theft greater than $20k, one of fraud, two of grand theft greater than $100k, and four of criminal use of personal identification information and probation violation. Notably, one of the charges also detailed that Kingston defrauded a car dealer over a Cadillac Escalade that cost over $150k. 

Another charge details Sean Kingston’s illegal dealings with a jewelry dealer and a fraud case of $480k. He was also accused of grand theft from a furniture company for a custom bed worth $86,568.33. However, there are more charges against Sean Kingston that do not involve defrauding or stealing from specific companies. Instead, he is also being charged for defrauding banks, including Bank of America and First Republic Bank. Allegedly, Sean Kingston and his mother defrauded these banks of over $300k collectively. 

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