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AKA & Anele Tembe’s Toxic Love To Debut In A Book “When Love Kills”

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AKA & Anele Tembe’s Toxic Love To Debut In A Book “When Love Kills.” AKA’s relationship with Anele Tembe is set to be featured in a new book titled “When Love Kills”. The book, which is expected to delve into the complexities of their romance, comes after Anele Tembe‘s tragic death in 2021 and AKA’s brutal murder in 2023.

AKA & Anele Tembe’s Toxic Love To Debut In A Book “When Love Kills”

The book written by award-winning author and journalist Melinda Ferguson is set to hit the shelves amid the murder trial of AKA and his friend Tibz. There hasn’t been an exact date for the release of the book. But according to NBA Publishers the release of “When Love Kills” can be expected in April 2024 with the book being priced at R320.

“When Love Kills is the tale of hip hop star, AKA. whose life unravelled when he embarked on a relationship with 21 year-old Anele Tembe.

“When she “fell” to her death from the 10th storey of the Pepper Club in April 2021, after a long night of heated arguing, details would emerge that they’d been caught up in a whirlwind of toxic obsession, alleged substance abuse and violence. Less than 2 years later AKA was assassinated in what looked like a hit to avenge her death. This is their tragic story.” Read the description of the book.

After AKA‘s death last year, the public accused Anele’s father of being involved in the brutal murder of Kiernan Forbes and his friend. The accusations came with the motive that the Durban mogul wanted to revenge the death of his daughter who passed away after jumping off the hotel whilst she was with AKA. However, he vehemently denied these allegations, stating that they were baseless.

Speaking during an interview, AKA’s father Tony Forbes said that Kiernan and Anele were never good for each other stating that the relationship was never supposed to happen in the first place.

“Personally, my view, Kiernan and Anele they were in different stages of their lives. This is my personal view and I dont speak for anybody else, I’m not sure that they were good for each other, as a father’s view,” Tony Forbes said.

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