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Aoki Lee Simmons Reportedly Split With Vittorio Assaf

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Earlier this month, the gag reflexes of millions of people on social media were tested when Aoki Lee Simmons, the 21-year-old daughter of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, was spotted spotted at the beach on the island of St. Barts sucking face with 65-year-old popular Italian restaurant founder Vittorio Assaf, whom Aoki was apparently dating, which her father reportedly approved of, which isn’t surprising considering the sex scandals Russell Simmons has been drowning in himself.

Well, now, it appears that whatever cirngey, cradle-robbing situationship Aoki and Assaf had going on is already “100% done”—or maybe not.

From Page Six:

It turns out the model’s PDA-filled getaway with the 65-year-old restaurateur was just a fling.

“It’s 100% done. They’re absolutely not dating,” a source close to Aoki told Page Six.

Then again, Simmons referred to Assaf as her “boyfriend” multiple times during the Instagram Live videos she posted from their romantic St. Barts vacation.

In one clip, the 21-year-old even revealed he’s the “second boyfriend” she’s ever had while taking her followers on a tour of his St. Barts property.

Whether the relationship (or whatever it is/was) between Aoki and the man who is 44 years her senior is truly over or not, can we all agree on one thing? That sh*t is gross.

I mean, the age gap alone is more than twice the number of years Aoki has been alive for. This young woman is only a few years past the age of consent in most states in the U.S., and she’s dating a guy who has been eligible for senior discounts at Wendy’s for like a decade. That doesn’t strike y’all as disgusting and predatory?

While Russell didn’t appear to have a problem with his daughter publicly trading kisses with a man who is old enough to be her grandfather, Kimora Lee was reportedly furious about it. Hopefully, it’s true that Aoki and her geriatric boo-thang have really called it quits and put her poor mother’s mind at ease.

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