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Aoki Simmons Hits Block Button On Hater Shaming Her Body

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Much like every other celebrity who’s been on the internet long enough, Aoki Simmons is tired of reading other people’s opinions about her. During an Instagram Live session earlier this week, the black-haired beauty addressed some people making their presence felt in her comments in seriously uncomfortable ways. “Ew, don’t. I’m blocking you,” she said upon reading the troll’s comment. Unfortunately for Simmons, while quickly moving her fingers to get rid of the negative energy in her stream, she accidentally drew more attention to her hater.

“Guys, you do know that I’m like, a human being,” she reminded followers tuning in. “So, sometimes I mean to block a really mean comment and then I pin it on accident,” Simmons said while riding in the car. “To whoever was making fun of my body, sorry I pinned your comment. Now I blocked you,” the model added before putting out a call to any actual supporters watching and wanting to be a moderator for her. “I don’t like mean comments about my body, I don’t like gross, sexual comments,” Aoki shared of who she expects to be blocked.

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Aoki Simmons Addresses Negativity on IG Live

It’s unclear exactly what comments left Simmons feeling upset about her body, but blogs reposting the footage are filling with responses indicating weight loss has people expressing concern about the 21-year-old. “Acting like [people] that support you can’t see your weight decrease and how alarmingly thin you are is delusional. Not all comments are negative,” one Instagram user wrote under @livebitez’s upload.

If you’re curious about how Aoki Simmons landed herself in the public eye from such a young age, you’ll want to read our breakdown of her mom, Kimora Lee’s iconic Baby Phat fashion brand. With the help of her daughters, the designer has been able to repopularize her streetwear clothing in recent years. Check that story out at the link below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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