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Ari Lennox Recalls Being Hospitalized After Getting Too High

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It’s no secret that weed can be fun to use recreationally, and even to alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions. Needless to say, however, it has far from the same positive effect on everybody. Ari Lennox, for example, recently shared one of her own experiences with marijuana, revealing that it put her in the hospital.

During a recent Instagram Live, the songstress opened up with viewers about how she’s considering trying weed again. She noted that she has some reservations, particularly considering her past. “I don’t even smoke weed, but y’all honestly, it’s about time I start,” she began. “No, I ain’t gonna start. My thing is, if I start smoking, is it going to open up the gateway to wanting to drink again?”

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Ari Lennox Details Frightening Weed Experience

Fear of running back to alcohol isn’t the only thing holding Lennox back, however. She went on to detail a time when an innocent couple of puffs turned into a hospital visit. “Years ago,” she described. “I had some weed. I was trying out for American Idol, and I didn’t get it. My cousin was hanging out with his friend and his friend was like ‘Try this weed.'” Lennox continued, detailing how things went south almost immediately.

“The room started f*cking spinning,” she explained. “I just kept f*cking disintegrating and I felt like there was f*cking spiders, there was f*cking spiders taking over my whole […] body.” At some point in the evening, police arrived and whisked Lennox away to a hospital. “They f*cking hooked me up to them goddamn machines… I was just crying and screaming,” she recalled. Fans can’t blame Lennox for refraining from weed after that, and can agree that based on her experience, she’s probably better off without it. What do you think of Ari Lennox sharing her frightening experience with weed? Do you think she should start smoking it again? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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