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Ashanti Rides For Nelly With Customized Jersey Featuring His Name

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Ashanti doesn’t hold back when it comes to declaring her love for Nelly, and she has made sure to remind the world once again as she rocked his name on her her outfit during recent performance.

The Long Island native took the stage at Juicy Fest on Saturday (January 20), showing off a customized jersey made up of blue sequins, the number 7 and her boyfriend’s name on the back.

It’s unclear if her boo was by her side when the photograph was taken or she just sent him the shot, but the “Country Grammar” rapper posted it to his Instagram Story shortly after her performance.

Check out the custom piece below:

This isn’t the first time Ashanti made sure to rep her man as part of her attire. Back in September, the former Murder Inc. star was seen carrying a custom purse at the MTV Video Music Awards that featured a photo of her and Nelly from the same awards show when they were first dating 20 years prior.

Nelly and Ashanti confirmed their rekindled romance that same month, with the St. Louis rapper saying: “Yeah, we cool again. I think it surprised both of us. It wasn’t anything that I don’t think planned. I think we were both doing pretty much what we do. Sometimes being separate you understand one another more.

Nelly Cries As Ashanti Surprises Him With ‘Best Birthday Gift Ever’

“You could be like maybe let me see exactly what they say. You know we could all be defensive in our relationships. We know we wrong but we gonna stand on it. We all a victim to that.”

Fat Joe recently spoke on their second run, joking that he wants a cut for bringing them back together. Back in 2021, the Bronx rapper brought Nelly out as a special guest at his Verzuz against Ja Rule, who had Ashanti on his team.

“I immediately tell them I need 10 percent of this kid because if it wasn’t for Verzuz, that I brought Nelly out [during] me against Ja Rule, that’s when they saw each other and energy connected again,” Joey Crack said in an Instagram Live last week.

He continued: “That’s when he said, ‘I gotta have her.’ He was over there contemplating; he really wanted to go over there. He goes over there, and that starts the conversation. You know somebody gotta crack the ice — I don’t know why they fell out.”

Joe also confirmed that Ashanti is not pregnant despite the rumors, adding that the couple is living “happy ever after.”

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