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Believe Japan’s PLAYCODE Revolutionizes Local Hip-Hop Scene

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In the ever-evolving world of music, digital powerhouse Believe is making waves in Japan’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. With the launch of their new initiative, ‘PLAYCODE’, Believe Japan aims to bolster local talent and propel the genre to new heights. This move comes just a few months after the company’s foray into the Japanese market in October 2023.

The PLAYCODE Revolution

PLAYCODE is poised to be a game-changer for Japan’s hip-hop artists. This comprehensive program offers strategic, marketing, and financial support, harnessing Believe’s robust digital artist development capabilities. By leveraging local expertise and partnerships with digital platforms, PLAYCODE aspires to help artists cultivate their presence both domestically and internationally.

Power Players and Partnerships

Prominent Japanese hip-hop artists such as ¥ellow Bucks, Red Eye, and Issei Uno Fifth have already joined forces with Believe to expand their reach. ¥ellow Bucks, known for the hit ‘YESSIR’, Red Eye with his ‘POCKET’ series and triumph in the 16 High School Rap Championship, and Issei Uno Fifth, famed for the TikTok sensation ‘SLIDE’, are set to redefine the hip-hop landscape with PLAYCODE’s backing.

Believe’s Global Commitment to Hip-Hop

Believe’s commitment to fostering hip-hop talent extends beyond Japan, with hip-hop-focused imprints in Thailand, Italy, and France. This global support network underscores Believe’s mission to empower independent artists and labels with digital resources, transparency, and fairness.

Mari Ochiai, Head of Artist Services at Believe Japan, expressed her belief in the immense talent and potential of the Japanese hip-hop market. Sylvain Delange, Managing Director of APAC at Believe, echoed her sentiment, expressing confidence in PLAYCODE’s ability to elevate Japanese hip-hop to the world stage.

As the curtain rises on this new chapter in Japan’s hip-hop narrative, Believe’s 1,720 employees across more than 50 countries stand ready to support the genre’s growth with their digital expertise and unwavering commitment to fairness and transparency.

A Symphony of Respect, Fairness, Expertise, and Transparency

The name PLAYCODE encapsulates the spirit of playfulness and the determination to overcome obstacles. This ethos resonates with the hip-hop community’s resilience and creativity. As Believe Japan embarks on this journey to uplift the local music ecosystem, the values of respect, fairness, expertise, and transparency will be their guiding stars.

In the grand orchestra of the global music scene, Believe’s new initiative promises to add a vibrant, rhythmic layer to Japan’s symphony. With PLAYCODE, the stage is set for the Japanese hip-hop community to showcase their talent and make their mark on the world.

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