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Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Treat Fans To Romantic Coachella Performance

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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have chemistry. Anybody who has seen the two artists perform, or listened to their joint album, Twenty88, can attest to this. Both have lessened their output in recent years, but Aiko’s recent Coachella performance was a reminder of how charming they can be when performing alongside one another. Aiko’s weekend set was loaded with guests, including Omarion and Saweetie, but the real highlight was when Big Sean popped up to perform the 2013 single “Beware.”

Both Sean and Jhene were in top form as they traded verses. The part that really hit audience members in the feels, however, was during the song’s outro. The instrumental slowed down, and the artists looked into each other’s eyes while singing in unison. Aiko can be seen laughing near the eight-second mark of the accompanying video. The crowd helped them shout the chorus, and the two hugged and kissed as soon as the song ended. Big Sean gave Jhene Aiko a pat on the butt as he left the stage, and the latter urged the crowd to cheer on the father of her son, Noah. It doesn’t get more wholesome during a Coachella set.

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Big Sean And Jhene Aiko Embraced Onstage

“Beware” was a fitting choice for Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s lone Coachella performance. It was the first collaboration between the two artists, and would eventually be certified three times platinum. They have since gone on to record several collabs, including “Moments” (2017) and “Body Language” (2020). Aiko told Elle that she and Big Sean have very different approaches to making music, but she feels they bring the best out of each other. “I work on songs little by little, and he doesn’t,” she explained. “He’ll finish a song in one night. It motivates me. I’m never mad at it because it does help me be more productive. It’s always a good time, though, because we’re always just being silly and making jokes.”

Despite having an infant son at home, Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have big career plans for 2024. Sean will release a book titled Go Higher on October 8, and he released his latest single, “Precision,” on March 22. Aiko doesn’t have a solid release date for her next project, but the tentatively titled JA4 is also theorized to drop this year. Both have credited parenthood with redefining their approach to art. “It’s funny how [kids] end up being the teachers,” Sean told People Magazine. “Even though you’re there to guide and teach them, they teach you. That’s something I really appreciate.”

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