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Biggie’s Mom Says She Wants To “Slap” Diddy

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2024 has not been kind to Diddy as his dirty laundry has been aired for all to see. While most of his peers and fans wouldn’t even want to be in the same room as him these days, Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, wouldn’t mind getting close to him one more time if for no other reason than to put hands on him.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the woman who blessed us with arguably the greatest rapper of all time, expressed disgust and anger at the news of Diddy’s countless allegations of abuse, violence and intimidation of others and said all those things made her “sick to my stomach.” While like many, Ms. Wallace didn’t want to believe all the wild allegations thrown at Diddy by various people in recent months. The video of him beating on Cassie in a hotel hallway showed her a side of Sean Combs she had never seen.

“I’m praying for Cassie. I’m praying for his mother. I don’t want to believe the things that I’ve heard, but I’ve seen [the hotel video]. I pray that he apologizes to her,” Ms. Wallace told Rolling Stone.

Diddy did somewhat offer a half-assed apology to Cassie, but that didn’t fly over too well with fans and Cassie herself.

Still, Ms. Wallace does say she wouldn’t mind seeing Diddy again in person as she feels the need to teach him a thing old-school style. Truth be told, we kind of hope she does.

“I hope that I see Sean one day and the only thing I want to do is slap the daylights out of him,” she continued. “And you can quote me on that. Because I liked him. I didn’t want to believe all the awful things, but I’m so ashamed and so embarrassed.”

We’re sure lots of people are ashamed and embarrassed to have ties to Diddy now that his heinous behavior has come to light.

The interview comes on the heels of reports that a grand jury has been empaneled in connection to the investigation of Diddy, which could lead to the “Bad Boy For Life” rapper getting indicted and possibly sentenced to prison for quite a long time. So if Ms. Wallace actually does want to slap some sense into her son’s former boss, she’ll have to move fast before the feds catch up to him. Just sayin’.

What do y’all think of Voletta Wallace’s feelings towards Diddy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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