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Burrell Communications Unveils Groundbreaking Campaign for ANTA KAI 1 Basketball Shoe

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Burrell Communications Group, renowned as one of the world’s premier Black-owned advertising agencies, has launched a groundbreaking campaign today: “KAI 1, The Origin Story.” This campaign marks the agency’s inaugural collaboration with ANTA, supporting the release of the second colorway of the ANTA KAI 1 basketball shoe, dubbed “Enlightened Warrior.”

The campaign, a visual journey through the life and ethos of global basketball icon Kyrie Irving, portrays his ascent from childhood to collegiate stardom and professional success. Irving’s story, anchored by familial support and cultural heritage, is depicted through a fusion of live action, AI, and anime-influenced animation, showcasing ancient African and indigenous imagery transitioning to the modern day.

Led by Burrell CCO Khari Streeter, the project involved a collaborative effort with Group Creative Director Corey Seaton, Creative Director Desmond Williams, and Senior Art Director Claudio Garcia. Natalie Lum Freedman served as executive producer, alongside Taryn Haughton as producer, and Ruben Emmanuel as project manager. The campaign’s production company, ThinkDiffusion, pioneered innovative techniques combining AI, CGI, motion graphics, and compositing.

“KAI 1, The Origin Story” coincides with the retail launch of “The Enlightened Warrior” shoes, demonstrating an unprecedented speed-to-market since the Burrell-ANTA partnership announcement in February. This latest iteration of the ANTA KAI 1 reflects mysticism and cultural symbolism drawn directly from Irving’s lineage and heritage.

ANTA Sports, established in 1991, has been a leading international brand in sportswear, offering professional sports products including footwear, apparel, and accessories. NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving’s appointment as Chief Creative Officer in 2023 signifies ANTA’s strategic move into the American market.

The release of “KAI 1, The Origin Story” marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Burrell Communications Group and ANTA, showcasing the power of collaboration in bringing cultural narratives to life within the advertising landscape.

“Our agency is excited for this first opportunity to showcase our work with our ANTA brand partners and the Irving family. We’re proud of the team’s efforts,” says Khari Streeter, Burrell CCO. “We delivered on the spirit of the Enlightened Warrior story by bringing to life the authentic identity of the basketball legend and cultural warrior that is Kyrie Irving.”

“This newest shoe offering is deeply rooted in cultural symbolism, color psychology and trending fashion, conceived to pay homage to Kyrie’s gifts, his heritage, legacy-in-the-making and his identity,” states noted Black footwear Design Director Jared Subawon of ANTA U.S. “What we wanted to rise to the fore was a treatment that pushed the boundaries of design, and at the same time showcased ANTA’s commitment to uplifting talent and narratives across the sneaker space, coupled with our investment in diverse, progressive representation. The vibrant new ‘KAI 1, The Origin Story’ spot seamlessly completes our product vision.”

“At A11Even Sports, we’re committed to cultivating partnerships that reflect the pulse of our audience—delivering beyond the expected into the realm of the groundbreaking,” said Shetellia Riley Irving, CEO. “Our latest collaboration with Burrell Communications Group wasn’t just about pushing boundaries. It was about offering a platform for voices and talents that resonate deeply with sneaker and basketball culture—creating work that authentically represents their vibrancy and spirit.” 

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