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Cam Newton Brawl Participants Decline To Press Charges

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No one involved in the brawl at a youth football game that also included Cam Newton will press charges. TMZ broke the news yesterday that police would be concluding their investigation into the scuffle that occurred over the weekend. “Neither Mr. Newton or any of the other involved persons who remained on scene indicated that they required medical attention or wished to pursue criminal charges. The responding officers completed an information-only incident report to document what had occurred. At this time, it is unknown how or why the scuffle occurred,” a police statement read.

However, two men involved in the brawl told Fox News that the brawl started due to trash talk that got out of hand. The brawl occurred at a 7-on-7 event in Atlanta. Newton was reportedly identified by police because of his signature hat and hair. Despite this, no one will have any repercussions as everyone involved seemingly wants to move past the incident.

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Stephen A. Smith Apologizes To Cam Newton

Elsewhere, Stephen A. Smith recently apologized to Cam Newton for the role that First Take and The Stephen A. Smith Show played in the backlash Newton received over his opinions on Brock Purdy. “Whether we agree or disagree with your dissection of Brock Purdy, what that [debate] deteriorated into was whether you had the right to say that. And I just want to say on national TV…I want to apologize for that,” Smith told Newton.

Newton has been getting a lot of hate for saying that Brock Purdy was not a “game changer” but a “game manager”. It’s a point he even made prior to smith’s apology. Newton said he trusted Purdy on a game-winning Super Bowl drive because he trusted Purdy’s resources. However, many people questioned what “right” Newton, who hasn’t played since 2021, had to make that call given what he had achieved in his own career.

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