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Cam’ron Recalls Wild ‘Cuckold’ Offer From Former Fling

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Cam’ron is never one to shy away from sharing his raunchy past on his popular sports podcast, as he’s done with yet another of his sexual escapades this week.

Killa Cam’s most recent revelation came on Tuesday (February 20), when he shared that an ex wanted him to be involved in a cuckolding situation.

“I had a female that I was dealing with,” he said on the most recent episode of It Is What It Is. “And she got into a relationship. […] And she had good head. So I asked her, ‘could you suck my dick one more time?’”

He continued: “And she was like, ‘can my boyfriend come watch?’ And I’m like, ‘LOL.’ And she’s like, ‘you didn’t say no.’ […] I’m like, ‘No!’ He’s gonna start jerkin’ off, pause, and he’s gonna watch? No. Secondly, you just got into a relationship, and that n-gga’s a cuckold? First date cuckold? Nah, man.”

Elsewhere in the same episode, Cam’ron revealed why he would never hook up with Erykah Badu, pointing to the neo-soul singer’s near-mystical effect on men.

While discussing NFL player CJ Stroud’s rumored relationship with Amber Rose, the Dipset rapper turned his attention to Badu who initially referred to her as “André 3000’s baby mom.”

“She’s a homie too but I told n-ggas, ‘She can’t get nowhere near me with that pussy,’” he said. “That shit she be doin’ to n-ggas is crazy. N-ggas be regular up until they fuck her. Then you start wearing turbans, yarmulkes, the tie-dye shirts. No, no, no! You got to chill.”

Cam’ron was likely referring to Common, whose fashion sense began to change when he dated Erykah Badu in the early 2000s.

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The Baduizm singer addressed the long-running speculation surrounding her romantic charms on The Tamron Hall Show last year.

“That’s why I try to wear a hat,” she joked. “‘Cause I don’t know what’s happening.”

Badu, who also shares children with Jay Electronica and The D.O.C., then said her purported superpowers don’t just apply to men.

“Women too,” she continued. “And children and animals. Any living, breathing thing … I think it is indescribable, and the bedroom, that’s not where you’re gonna find it because my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs — it lies between my ears.”

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