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Cardi B Takes Fans On Rainy Driving Lesson In Her Rolls-Royce

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Cardi B has been open about the fact she has yet to obtain a drivers license, but she’s finally on the road to doing so – quite literally.

In an Instagram Live on Thursday night (April 11), the Bronx native attempted to learn how to drive in her Rolls Royce – one of many cars she owns that she previously said just sit around and “collect dust.” After a brief time behind the wheel, Cardi switched places with her driving instructor after admitting she was too nervous to back up. She then turned to the camera to give some insight on her new lessons.

“So to be honest with you guys, my therapist said I gotta pick up a healthy habit because she said that I’m too involved with work and that work is taking over my life,” Cardi explained. “So she said for an hour a day, I gotta pick up a healthy habit and one of the healthy habits that I’m picking is driving.

“So today is my first day and I’m not really trying to be bougie or anything, but dead ass, I only got the Bentley truck here and my Rolls Royce truck. And I [can] not find the Bentley truck keys ever since I moved to my new house. So I ain’t got no choice.”

Back in 2023, Cardi B shared a video of her vehicles, which included a gifted red Ferrari SUV she got for her birthday from Offset, and a black Maybach SUV.

“Fuckin cars, it just collects dust,” Cardi said before briefly being interrupted by her two pitbulls, Bentley and Boujee. “I wonder if it even turns on…this gift Offset gave me, she’s pretty but I ain’t seen her in forever. I gotta bring my Maybach to New York.”

She continued, “Just collecting dust, we might as well just sell the fucking cars. We might as well just sell the fucking cars. Oh my God, look at my fucking Maybach.”

However, selling off the cars might not exactly fly with Offset, as the considers himself a connoisseur of luxury vehicles. Back in 2020, Cardi gifted her hubby a rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ for his birthday that reportedly costs $700,000.

For his birthday back in 2019, Cardi chose to gift Offset a refrigerator full of cash simply because she believed he had “every car” known to man.

“You got every car,” she said in a video. “You got every jewelry. You got everything. You got every shoe. You know what I’m saying. What else can I give somebody that got everything?”

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