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DDG’s Diamond Tooth Cost $250K, New Dad Blames Boredom For Flashy Purchase

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When raising a child in 2024, too many parents find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, having to make major sacrifices in their lives to provide for their children. Such clearly isn’t the case for DDG and Halle Bailey, who’ve been able to spoil their son, Halo, with gifts and experiences people far older than him can only dream of. At the same time, they’re still able to support themselves, with The Little Mermaid actress always keeping her wardrobe and hair on point while DDG enjoys spending his money on jewelry.

Rather than adding to his collection of chains, on Tuesday (April 16), the Michigan-born multi-talent revealed he spent six figures on a new piece for his mouth. “Got bored so I spent a quarter million on a tooth,” DDG wrote on Twitter/X when showing off selfies of his flashy new cap. “Should’ve bought a house or sumn 🤷🏽‍♂️,” he reflected, suggesting that perhaps the purchase was a waste of money.

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DDG Treats Himself to Some Diamonds

Elsewhere on social media, the “Elon Musk” artist is making news for his clever clapback at those criticizing his parenting. “Ni**as watched ‘The Proud Family’ for 10 seasons without seeing Wizard Kelly’s face, but trippin’ ’bout me not showing my son’s face, smh,” DDG reflected. “Now why would I wanna show yo fat face a** my baby?” he asked one hater. “[You] irregular head shaped a** ni**a, mind yo [business] and take that hot ass suede suit off 🤡.”

DDG’s obvious presence in his son’s life has reminded some critics of what Halle Bailey sees in the YouTuber after the previous ups and downs we’ve seen their relationship endure. However, lately, rumours of a breakup have been flying around Halo’s parents after Bailey was spotted at Coachella alone. Elsewhere, they seem to have unfollowed one another on Instagram, only furthering the gossip. Read more about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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